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Why You Need A Divorce Attorney Berkeley CA Professional In Your Divorce Process

Divorce processes vary depending on the parties and condition of the parties divorcing. In a situation where the divorcing couples are not married for a long time, have few debts and properties and have no kids the process is not tedious. However, where the divorcing parties are married for many years, have a significant amount of properties and several children the process may be cumbersome. Below are things that happen during a divorce and why it is imperative to rely on competent lawyers such as a divorce attorney Berkeley CA.

The first thing you should think of when you want a couple separation is to file a petition. In this case, one of the parties involved should be the one filing the petition even if the two parties agree to have a couple separation. Your lawyer will be the one guiding you on whether to file for separation on fault ground or not for the grounds of the couple separation will depend on the jurisdiction.

If you are in a situation where one of the spouses depends so that they get financial support, or they get the custody of the children, then that spouse will need to ask the court for the temporary orders so that they get support.

The court offers a temporary order with some few days, and the order will be effective until the final hearing of the court. In case the person asking for a temporary order is still the one filing the petition, he or she should file the two together. However, in case the person asking for a temporary order is not the one who filed the petition, he or she should ask for temporary order soonest possible.

Make sure that when you file for a couple separation, you attach with it the proof of the service of process. This evidence will show that a copy of the couple separation petition was given to the other involved party. In conditions where the two parties mutually agree for the petition, the party which filed for the divorce should arrange for service of process for the other parties attorney. This services of the process can either be undignified or dignified or anywhere in between the two.

The spouse who is given the service of the process will need to then file the response to this petition. If the couple separation was arranged on fault grounds and the responding spouse wants to disagree with these grounds will need to address them. The spouse responding may choose to disagree with the grounds claimed to be the reason for the couple separation or they may choose to look for a defense on the grounds.

In case the separating parties fail to agree on different issues, it is important to discuss their differences. The court might organize settlement conferences which try to move the separating couple towards a certain resolution on the issues. The court might order mediation, particularly where the couple fails to agree on certain issues.

When it comes to the order of dissolution, it ends the marriage and spells out the on how the debts, property will be divided, custody and support and any other issue. The parties will draft the order of dissolving the union and submit it to the court when they are through with the negotiation. The judge will approve the dissolution if it complies with the legal requirement and the two parties enter into it knowingly and willingly.

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