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What Are Inserts? How Do We Make Them?

Inserts, from the word itself are papers that are inserted somewhere where people can read them.  It is one of the best mediums companies use to advertise their products or services to the public.  It is like a flyer, the only difference is that it is inserted in a specific place not just handed to someone.  Inserts can also be the paper you include for your CD / DVDs cover, the paper you put inside a magazine or a notice you include in the billing information.  Inserts can be just about anything, its main purpose is just to be placed somewhere specific.

You are most likely thinking of creating an insert which is why you are reading this.  A few things you must think about to help you with the creation:

1. Reason for creating an insert
Identify what insert you really need so you can concentrate with that specific project first.  If you have several do it one at a time so you are sure not to make any mistakes.

2. Who is your target market

Have you decided on whom you want to see your inserts?  There are so many people in the world so try to limit your self and focus on a certain type of person.  Of course you need to think about your product or service first and see which would want it; those who you think about are your target market.  If you think the people is still too much then limit it down according to your budget.

3. Where do you want to place your insert
What does your target normally do? Do the read business newspapers every weekday? Do they read magazines?   Research on what these people do and see which ones they check regularly and that’s where you place your inserts.

4. Draft layout
Make a draft layout or where you want to put your wordings and your pictures and whatever other characters you want to include in your inserts.  Doesn’t necessarily have to look super perfect just enough for your designers and printers to understand.

5. Choose pictures
If you want to add pictures in your inserts make sure it shows what you want to sell or inform people of.

6. Think Colors

When you research information about your target, include the colors that will attract them.

7. Draft the wordings
Keep it short but inviting.  Words must arouse the curiosity of readers so use words that entice.  Remember the size of your inserts and make sure not to overcrowd the paper so your font size will be just right and readable.

8. Budget

9.  Find an good designer
A good designer can easily understand your needs and requests then puts it into consideration but still being able to create a masterpiece that people will notice and read.  Ask your printers should you have trouble looking for a designer yourself.

10. Find a reliable printer

Printers must be easy to talk to.  if they don’t respond to you quickly they just might be uninterested so go look for a printer that understands you and swiftly responds to your needs.  Their rates must be reasonable and they must have a fast turnaround time.  The most important thing to look for is their ability to produce quality prints all the time and everytime.

How you create your inserts will be the deciding factor whether people will try your service or buy your product.  Learn the various ways to entice them and get to know your products and your company.  Do your insert printing well and see your products sell like hotcakes.

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