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Tips For Bird Dog Training Holly Hill Hunters Utilize

One of the most important aspects of any hunter\’s success in the field is a good hunting dog. For those who especially love the excitement of pursuing birds, a reliable, talented and well trained bird dog is crucial. There are specific traits and characteristics that determine whether or not a pointer puppy will be successful when it comes to pursuing game. Following are tips and suggestions for bird dog training Holly Hill hunters use to ensure their animals obey commands and know how to perform when the critical moment comes.

Good genes play a large part in whether or not the animal will grow into a natural athlete. Breeders are concerned with specific body structure, stamina, and strength. Desired pointers have keen senses of smell and enjoy working hard and pleasing their masters. They are bred to have the kind of coats that can withstand cold water and adverse field conditions. Hunting dogs must be intelligent, patient, and extremely well behaved.

Seasoned professional trainers know you must start slowly to acclimate one of these valuable dogs in the ways of the sport. You can\’t just throw them out in a field and expect them to know instinctively how to stand, point, or retrieve. The puppies are started off with simple commands that are easy to learn and quickly become ingrained. Teaching them to sit, heel, and understand what no means can be accomplished indoors and treated as playtime.

Socialization is an important skill these dogs must learn early. Over their lifetime, they will be placed in unfamiliar surroundings with people they don\’t know and other canines that have been trained similarly to themselves. They will have to feel at ease being transported in dog crates and confined in them for long hours.

Puppies have to learn how to navigate fields easily and confidently. It is usually best to take them along on walks in large open areas. Owners can encourage their animals to run and play and enjoy their time outside before starting any formal work.

Every retriever has to be very comfortable in the water. This water may sometimes be cold and murky. They will have to learn to shake off discomfort and ignore weather conditions. Every working dog needs to clearly understand when it is time to work and when it is time to play. These animals must be trained early that retrieving birds is not play.

Retrieving birds is a critical part of the animal\’s training. A lot of experienced trainers use dead pigeons to teach young dogs how to handle birds properly. They tend to catch on quicker if the bird is inert instead of flopping around. Hounds have to get acclimated to volleys of gunfire and be taught the proper etiquette when they in the presence of loaded firearms.

Talented hunting dogs are prized possessions for serious hunters. They can make all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful shoot.

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