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The success of the anti-shoe mbt

Archduke up some, smiles to say: “that is of course! We want to use Kate mbt online and franco, they not only oneself is a talent, one day face when their influence. Frolg may be helpful. In addition to the high god through the eyes, tomorrow is always uncertain. Who will know Jacques rogge in the northern development and to what degree? Dear, you feel it, franco know how should do just can meet our requirements, and can be long in this position. And this sat down in position, he will, in addition to making enemies around attached to us, he BieWuChuLu. This, as he won power price.”.

Archduke tone to turn cold, way: “tell franco. From next month he is the new prosecutor principality……. As to the sa er matvey,, let he checks in prison several Christian abbiati family members hanged, then you all in the months looking for an excuse to put to death his good. By the way, calm her Christian abbiati wait jenn-air anger.”

The south of war temporarily subsided, the war of the north also is approaching the end.

Charlie longitudinal MaTing gun,mbt sirima black slowly along the king a latvian central avenue go forward, the end of the avenue, is the palace of Latvia.

The king of the garrison is still in tenacious resisted, although they drubbing.

Sometimes, low-level fighting even in Charlie’s side broke out. But in Charlie’s knight is surrounded the lion is gold, with dozens of people knight unit of Latvia ChengFang army fighting, no matter what the impact will be the golden lion knights in the short time to kill neatly.

Shout kill, bellow, flames, smoke, to the former king of Latvia in busy famous is covered in a layer of the creeping miserably fog.

Although sewn, but Charlie mood how all not happy.

When he invaded came to Latvia, in a city under the defenders, even the prefects, also however three thousand mbt tabia people. Charlie immediately invaded siege, XuXuShiShi, successfully will ShouCheng army and the sorcerer attract main to the other side, he focused on eight of the high elves, gates to order the sorcerer bombardment, an instant will not mage protection gates Fried collapse.

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