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The Best Article On Baltimore Granite

There is a lot of variation in the definition of the term granite. From an archeological perspective, this material is defined as coarse-grained, feldspar- and quartz-bearing igneous rock composed entirely of crystals. From a stone trade dimension, it is defined as any rock that contains feldspar and interlocking crystals large enough to be seen by the naked eye. Baltimore granite falls in both definitions.

Granitic rocks are categorized as rocks that are produced by natural processes within the subsurface. These stones are among the strongest and most beautiful stones. According to the definition followed by stone trade, there are many rocks that are traded under the name granite. They include granites, syenite, granodiorite, monzonite, gabbro, gneiss, and arnorthosite. The largest producer and exporter of these rocks is China. China exports a wide variety of the stones to countries worldwide.

The process through which these rocks are formed involved gradual crystallization process several meters under the surface. Equigranular crystals that result are because of the gradual crystallization process. Feldspar and quartz are the main minerals that make up granites. Other minerals are also present, but in small amounts. Such minerals include amphiboles and mica. The rock is colored depending on its mineral compositions. Common colors include white, gray, red, and pink. Dark minerals can often be seen in it.

Granites find a lot of use in building structures, both interiorly and exteriorly. Because the material is produced through natural processes, renders it very valuable and useful to builders. The material is used in construction to offer the impression of elegance and quality. Statistical data in 2014 revealed that granites were in huge use in the making of countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, this use is one of the most popular.

The aesthetic beauty and durability that this stone offers is the reason it is dominating in the making of countertops besides being very valuable. The stone can support a lot of pressure and force without chipping or breaking. Each piece of stone also has a distinct appearance, which introduces uniqueness and originality wherever they are installed.

Granites are also used on a large scale as building materials. The use in exterior construction extends several years into the past. It is used in constructing monuments, paving, bridges, buildings, stair threads, tile floors, and wall tiles. Granitic building rocks may be made rough or polished on either sides. Some designs also require the rock to be polished on one side only to offer a different impression. The rough surface may or may not be finished using other means.

Construction of paved surfaces also makes substantial use of the material. If the building doing the job is a professional, the results are usually very good and beautiful. Granitic rocks were in wider use in the paving industry in the past, but that has changed. The emergence of asphalt, concrete and other cheaper alternatives has led to the change.

Granites can be very expensive to acquire. As such, there use is often limited. Mostly people from the upper and middle class can afford to use them on a substantial level.

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