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The Battle Of Greek And Persian Empires

The Greek and Persian battle has been considered as one famous engagement of military. It is also being recorded as one famous battle in history. The victory of Greeks over the Persian invaders gives them more confidence to believe that they still have the ability to defend themselves for continued existence. The battle is considered as well as the defining moment for the development of European culture.

In the year 490 BC, Persians have 600 ships and they have about 20,000 cavalries and infantries approximately and they invaded Greek soil, near to the Athens. Their mission is crushing all the states of the Greeks in retaliation of support for lonian cousins which revolted against rules of Persian. The undaunted Athens immediately mobilized 10,000 warriors in defense of their territory. The 2 armies met at the Marathon plain that is 26 miles far from north Athens. This meeting begins the Battle of Marathon.

The plain is surrounded by sea and many hills and is very ideal for Persian cavalry. One Greek general, Miltiades, has made a plea and has convinced the other generals to attack Persians. He then ordered their warriors in forming a line the same as the length of opponents. He also ordered the warriors to attack the line in dead run. But during the war, the middle line of Greeks had been weakened and have given way but their flanks engulfed and slaughtered the opponents that were being trapped. Ann estimated number of killed people were 6,400 Persians and 192 Greeks.

The remaining opponents immediately escaped using their ships and still attempted to attack the undefended Athens. Before the war, the generals of Athens were divided based on their opinions. There are some who prefer on not taking the risks since they only have a very few people as compared to the opponent.

While other generals prefer to fight, specifically those having fighting experiences. Miltiades is one of these warrior generals. Miltiades after hearing their opinions, asked his fellow generals to come with for a conference in the polemarch. A polemarch is the honored dignitary of Athenian people.

In the conference, he said that if their troop will not fight, there is a great possibility of Athens disturbance that may shake resolutions of the men. And the thing that he fears most is seeing their people submitting themselves. Whereas if they will fight, they can surely overcome the enemy. Through his words, the title was given to him and also had convinced everyone in the polemarch to fight.

After the war, different explanations are stated for the Greeks victory. Some said that it is because they have better equipment and have superior tactics. But the equipment that they used are not made from bronze but from linen or leather. Other explanations also include the formation of phalanxes of Greeks is successful unlike soldiers of Persians.

On the other hand, the strategies of Persians were determined by the tactical considerations. So whatever is the event that causes the battle, it surely has altered the tactical or the strategic balance induced by Athenians for attacking the opponents. Aside from this, there are still other theories on these considerations.

In the Marathon plain, Athenian warriors thinned their centers to have equal length with the enemy. During this scenario, the Persians wings were broken. And realizing this, they were trying to recur but were caught immediately by the wings of Greeks.

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