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See How San Antonio Granite Counter Tops Increase Home Appeal

Advertising for homes often include granite countertops, even rentals. These are considered to be classic and timeless and many people prefer using them in lieu of other stones or synthetics.

Why do San Antonio granite countertops increase home appeal so much? Certainly, granite countertops can increase a home\’s value and make it easier to sell. Furthermore, granite countertops do not depreciate, as long as they are well maintained. They last indefinitely.

Granite is an incredibly heat-resistant material – if you happen to set a hot hair appliance or pan onto these services, no damages will be causes, although you should\’t leave hot items on this surface for any great length of time. If it is sealed and has been property installed, it will be stain-resistant – granite that is not sealed, however, is quite porous and absorbs liquids, so always work with reputable installers. It is necessary to reseal these counters once every few years and there is also the possibility of having stains get sealed in.

Granite has in-built anti-microbial properties and rolling pastry dough on these surfaces is very easy, particularly when compared to rolling do on tile countertops

Of course, granite is expensive – but its durability makes it worthwhile. There are many shades available, so it is easy to get granite that matches your taste and the rest of your house. Each slab is unique, so the look is distinctive, if not completely uniform. Granite tones are usually neutral – brown and beige are the most common – but you can often find less common shades. It can be cleaned just with warm water and a mild detergent.

If you want to boost the value and marketability of your property, having granite countertops installed could be your best bet. This is actually a great way to invest in the future of your cooking area and of your property overall.

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