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SAM. New York Modern Luxury Outerwear Arrives – Contemporary Outerwear For Modern Consumers

The founders of the Andrew Marc brand announce the launch of SAM., a new, luxury outerwear collection for the purpose of men and even women. Developed by Andrew Marc Schwartz and even Suzanne Schwartz, SAM. is the first line to be launched by the design duo since selling Andrew Marc in 2004. SAM., that debuted in September, 2010 at select retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom along with Bloomingdales, is certainly high-end outerwear designed intended for the modern consumer. The brand contrasts everyday utility with alpine-inspired luxury. It’s design features inspire both urban along with outdoor lifestyles.

The collection, that retails from $395-$1,695, includes parkas, snorkel coats, bombers, utility coats, cargo jackets, shearlings, puffer coats, duffles, stadium coats, anoraks, raincoats, motorcross and even biker-inspired leather jackets. The range of styles is certainly designed with resilient fabrics and high performance materials such as Neoprene, mesh, fleece, cotton, laquered nylons, fur and even fur-lined leathers. The collection is actually crafted from a range of fabrics including resin-coated Egyptian cotton in shades of carbon, mud, along with army green and also shiny, high gloss nylons, with white goosedown fill in jet black, steel grey, military green, latte, bright red as well as avocado.

The womens coated cotton styles include the rover, the field parka, the camper and even the Adirondack. The goosedown filled puffer styles include the freeride and even the powder. Down jackets with fur trim go by the snowcat, the mogul as well as the alpine. Some styles such as the rover plus the adironadack include fur liners that are removable and even can be worn on their own.

The mens temperature tech collection features the blast as well as the velocity which have removable neoprene inserts. They are enhanced with a technical lining that actively balances body temperature relative to outdoor temperature extremes. At very low prevailing temperatures and at times of inactivity, the body is certainly kept warm over a considerably longer period. This specific helps to prevent chilling. In the reverse case, under the influence of heat, the body is cooled and also over-heating is actually prevented during physical exertion. Both the pilot and the patrol coated cotton styles are goosedown filled along with have removable fur collars. The camouflage and even the urban car coat include detachable fur liners meant for 2 in 1 versatility.

The SAM. mens leather collection includes jackets crafted from rich plus supple Italian lambskins. The Flight jacket is actually a classic bomber style with a removable fur collar. The Quattro is certainly rugged and sexy with a removable fur liner and even the Squadron reverses to a cashmere wool jacket.smooth lambskin on one side as well as soft, luxurious cashmere wool on the other. Many styles are wind resistant, water repellent as well as embellished with detachable fur trims along with liners. Many are designed for year round function.

This new brand, SAM., created by the design team who rocked the industry meant for the last 20 years with Andrew Marc, promises, once again, to bring a modern edge to outerwear. Right here are some of the words to describe what we manufacture: Down Jacket, Winter Outerwear, Outerwear, Leather Jacket, Fur Trim Outerwear, Parkas, Luxury Outerwear, Shearling Coats, Goose Down Jacket, Fur Lined Outerwear, Modern Luxury Outerwear, Contemporary Outerwear, Outerwear Collection, Winter Coat, Parkas, Bombers, Utility Coats, Cargo Jackets, Biker Jackets, Wind Resistant Outerwear, Water Repellant Outerwear, Field Parka, Free Ride Jacket, Snorkel Parka, Urban Outerwear, Puffer Coats.

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