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MBT is such a large brand, people love them

Rogge ShiXiao. The elf girl looks very interesting, with myself, like have met already for a long time, all to no other elves mbt sale treat their blindly follow or respect. The butterfly and the wind rose when she’s, like in a completely irrelevant declare things. All to no jealousy, envy and even make fun of or shy.

Rogge suddenly want to tease the elf girl.

Rogge smile approach, looking at her clear eyes way: “ivy son, since you with that for a while, so would you……”


Girl sound of the answer let rogge was taken aback. He looked carefully at the elves of the eyes, the girl the inside have no desire, no ambition, nothing, only a clear.

Rogge ha ha a smile, DaHeng picked up ivy son, striding into the bathroom.

The twilight, rogge finally out of the mbt jawabu bathroom.

Ivy son thin eyebrows tightly knit, wet blond hair stick in the forehead, a row of white fine tooth will never bite the lower lip, right hand rogge’s arm, step by step, move out with.

Rogge ShiXiaoFeiXiao tenaciously to look at myself walking ivy son, up to no good tunnel: “these days is a good rest, ha ha.”

Ivy son shook his head with his teeth way: “no.”

She left my grip, the body sway once, face immediately become went white.his eyes were dark and had to shifted to a way: “…… that have half a day.”

Rogge finally unbearable laughed, DuoRi to the YinYi vanish.

He was finally held back the smile, saying: “ivy son, where is your room? I mbt kisumu women send you back.”

Ivy son resolutely pushed the rogge’s hand. Way: “I have to go back. Now it is the time you delve into magic…….”

Ivy son of answer to the unexpected rogge, he looked at the elves girl step by step and moved to the door.

Before leaving, ivy son suddenly look back,

Deeply, deeply

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