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Learn To Build Your Own Solar Power Panels With The Green DIY Energy System

More than likely you have noticed that even with todays economy, the particular cost of everything continues to go up. Naturally something that is always going to cost more and more every year is the energy for your home. This is the major reason why more and more individuals are turning to alternative energy resources to help lower the increasing costs of electricity. This has never been an choice for some individuals as one solar panel unit will cost you more than $1,000. The Green DIY Energy program is a system that can teach you to build your own solar panels for a fraction of the price, and we will be taking a deeper look at this program right here.

You will learn how you can save $1.000, give or take, for each and every solar panel that you assemble yourself instead of buying them. I don’t know if you remember but in 2007, people were paying over 1,000 to just purchase and have installed, only one solar panel. I am not really sure exactly what the cost is now but I can almost guarantee you that it is much more due to inflation. The fantastic thing about this program is that it can instruct you how to build your own solar panels for less than $200 for each panel. Needless to say if you don’t mind expending just a little more time you can actually wind up building your solar panels at under $100 each, but it will take some extra work collecting materials.

This program also includes resources on where you can wind up buying the cheapest parts to build your panels in addition to some free ways to get some of the materials you need. Just in case you think it is difficult to build this you should take a look at the one testimonial on their site which is from a 12 year old. Of course, if a 12 year old can do it there is no reason why any person should have any difficulty doing it.

You will see that this product is split in to 3 sections. The first part is the DIY Guide which describes solar power, how it works and also includes the step by step approach to creating solar energy. The subsequent section goes over exactly how you can build your very own solar power panels. These step by step directions goes through exactly how to create the box for the solar panels and finishes up with how to connect all the solar cells together. The third guide covers the installation of the solar panels and the electrical wiring plans for hooking up multiple solar panels together and also how to use multiple batteries to store the extra electricity.

But then they also throw in a few bonuses together with this system. The first bonus they provide is one thing you should find very beneficial as it is over 1 hour of videos that walk you through the entire process of creating your panels. There are a number of individuals out there that can accomplish anything once they see someone else do it, making this a very helpful bonus. The second bonus is a wind powered generator guide, so you will even have the capacity to set up a wind turbine as a way to generate even more electricity. If your looking to go green or just save money on your electricity bill this program could be the best choice you ever make.

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