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Important Facts To Know Concerning Latchkey Children

Latchkey kids refer to those kids who are between five and thirteen years and they mostly take care of themselves after the daily school routine without any adult supervision. This is because the parents of these kids are either away at work or this child is left alone at home with very limited parental supervision. Latchkey children are usually exposed to various challenges as compared to children who receive close supervision from their parents.

It has been viewed that most children coming from single parenthood families and those low income earning families usually spend a lot of time alone in their homes as compared to those children whose families earn higher incomes. Specialist have noticed that unsupervised time usually makes kids independent and mostly leads to challenges together with negative outcomes.

The early teens are usually vulnerable to some kind of peer pressure which creates incorrect behaviors among these individuals like smoking, alcohol abuse, illegal drugs and sexual promiscuity. These are the type of behaviors which basically have a tendency to stem up unused energy, pressure of misbehaving together with a kind of hostility which is as a result of improper attention from their parents.

Some of these kinds of kids usually possess some of positive energy like developing a self-reliance adoption method to some of difficulty situations and enhancement of need to positively contribute to the visible household requirements. The performance of these kids has been viewed to be much deteriorating as compared to those kids who receive good supervision and attention from their parents after school.

Those students who have a tendency of hanging out with their friends after school instead of going to their homes are at high risk of exposure to drugs. Sexual activities are also viewed to be on the rise among these children. Studies have revealed that unsupervised time at home tends to be higher when adolescent go unsupervised especially after school.

This association was viewed to be much weaker for those kids who came from middle income families when compared to those children whom were supervised by their parents after school. Some of the positive effects which are associated with latchkey kids include self-reliance at a very tender age. The legality of this kind of situation is mostly dependent on the on the countrys, states or the local areas legal requirements.

This is attributed to the fact that these children are left to wander freely after their schooling activities and therefore they gain some wrong information. These children have a very wrong feeling that they do not get correct care which other children receive.

At times you may find out that most parents usually take call for their kids when there is an emergency situation. At times you will notice that these kids are making several calls because they are simply bored or lonely and therefore they are in need of companionship.lastly it is recommendable to understand your kids and their different stages of growth.

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