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How To Identify A Genuine Turquoise Necklace

For many years this semiprecious stone has been used by jewelers to manufacture quality jewels to consumers. Wearing jewels made using these precious stone was an indication of kindness, wisdom, trust and understanding. However some countries like America, China and Egypt believed that the wearing this gem protected one from disaster or unnatural death. The material still remains to be treasured by many people and due to scarcity of the stone, there have been limitations of these jewels. Below is a guide that will help you identify a Genuine Turquoise Necklace.

Turquoise has been known for years for its properties of reducing excess acidity, detoxification and by giving health benefits to the gout. It also improves physical and psychic immune systems thus supporting nutrient assimilation and preventing pollution and viral infections. On the other hand apart from giving that elegant look, the necklace is known to help in reducing the complications of ears, eyes, brain neck and the throat especially when one has headaches, cataracts and migraines.

Another very important issue is the weight of the necklace. Usually colored gemstones are sold using weight which is calculated in carats but not its size. Due to this fact, some jewels may cost higher than others because they weigh differently. This is usually dictated by the type of stone used to make the jewel. Also the scarcity of some of these gemstones may contribute much to the pricing of these products. A genuine necklace will always cost higher compared to the dyed ones.

A genuine jewel is very expensive. Before purchasing any necklace one should always do a survey on the exact price of the products. This will help one in identifying the correct product for them. A necklace that is trading at a lower price compared to the genuine semiprecious stone price should not be purchased because it means it is not natural but rather a dyed stone.

It also helps in promoting self realization and help in problem solving by increasing the creativity. Due to its ability to dispel negative energy and clearing electromagnetic smog from the environment, it helps one to relax their nerves when in public. This makes one feel confident when making speech to huge crowds without fear. This is a solution to people who become nervous when and shy when in public.

The value of these products is determined by the location where the gemstone was mined. The most and high valued jewels are from America followed by Persian. Before purchasing your necklace it is always necessary to inquire the mine location of the products so that one can evaluate its cost and quality based on that. Normally this high valued turquoise will always cost higher compared to other gemstones from other countries.

A genuine turquoise will always have color uniformity and vividness. Though due to the scarcity of the stone small pieces can be combined to form a large stone which is therefore designed to the required jewel. A necklace which has been made using this gemstone may appear to have small cracks where the two pieces meet. Presence of small cracks should not make one doubt the product.

The stone has also been used in stimulation and initiation of love. Traditionally, when the turquoise changes its color it indicates danger or an act of infidelity in thought or action. Spiritually, this gemstone induces kindness, trust, wisdom and understanding by cleansing and healing both the energy centers and the physical body. This helps us to forgive others and reminds us that mistakes are simply another experience. These benefits can only be received from wearing a genuine necklace made of such precious stones.

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