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How to choose the material MBT shoes

MBT shoes can be said to be the most easily and the results have been a MBT shoes clearance very good sports one of the series. “Chevalier do good work MBT shoes must first sharpen his tools”, if there is a good pair of MBT shoes, it will not because of Discount MBT shoes sports injuries and “dreams” halfway. Typical of MBT shoes lighter, MBT Sandals to soft, but also withstand repeated impact sole job it used to be made of several layers of different materials. One pair of MBT shoes should be well in line with the following conditions: (a) followed by firmly, to make the heel stable, easy to tilt. (B) above must be followed by an appropriate lining protruding tongue, both to protect the Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon and will not stimulate the Caixing. (C) below the laces, the need for lining the tongue, in order to protect the feet and the extensor digitorum tendon. (D) To the best high and round toe, it will not grip the toe, or nail bed caused by the blood. (E) to large solid heel, soles of the interlayer should be soft to absorb the shock effect. Like the last side to be beveled to facilitate the foot to move forward. (F) to be layered sole, around the thickness and different materials. The most direct contact with the ground the lower part to be extremely resistant, but not hard to lose the cushioning effect, and must have an appropriate distribution of protrusion, traction on the ground only, it will not slip. (G) before the soles 1 / 3 to be soft in order for Shu toe joint dorsiflexion, reducing Achilles tendon injury.

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