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How A Philadelphia Electrician Helps Install Home Generator Systems

Power outages are inconvenient and sometimes frightening. All it takes is one huge storm to wipe out your electricity for hours or even days. One way to avoid the inconvenience of a blackout is to have a home generator installed by a qualified Philadelphia electrician.

If you only experience occasional, short outages, you might not want to install a permanent generator. Instead, you can rely on a portable generator or on backup batteries for your most important equipment.

Batteries and portable generators are only helpful up to a point. They will not be sufficient if your power goes out for several days or more. Permanent generators run on natural gas and will automatically turn on when a blackout occurs.

Some permanent units use propane or diesel fuel instead of natural gas. You will need this type of generator if you do not have a natural gas supply to your home. You need to measure your yard before you purchase any permanent generator because regulations require five feet of space between it and any door.

Large whole-house generators are the most expensive to purchase and operate. Installation of a whole-house generator sometimes has a positive impact on property value. An essential-circuit generator is sufficient for most residential purposes.

They come in various sizes – you can get one large enough to power your entire house. However, the larger the generator the more yard space it needs, the more fuel it uses and the more expensive it is. For most people, an essential-circuit system is better, although a whole-house generator can add value to your home.

Talk to a Philadelphia electrician about installing a generator – this is not a DIY project and they can advise you on how much generator you need, which may depend on whether you have medical equipment, the size of your family, and whether you have a home business. A good electrician will honestly tell you whether you really need a home generator and if so how powerful it needs to be.

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