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How A Geneva Chiropractor Helps Teens And Children

Not many people know that most low and mid back and neck pain begins in early childhood. Minor misalignment of bones, which are referred to as subluxations may even occur when a baby is being born. Some of the factors that can place stress on the developing spine of a baby include vacuum extraction, forceps and difficult deliveries. They may cause pain and discomfort for the baby. The spines of infants are still flexible and for this reason, they may not suffer from lower neck or back pain. However, subluxations can lead to ear infections, sinusitis, learning disorders, colic, pinched nerves and problems with breastfeeding.

A chiropractor recommends that babies be seen within the first 2 weeks of life. A Geneva chiropractor can identify such problems as a pinched nerve. If undetected, it can result in back and neck pain, frequent sore throats, or even scoliosis for children and teenagers.

Taking your child to see a chiropractor comes with a number of benefits. According to studies, chiropractic adjustments can alleviate ear infections better than antibiotics or tubes. Chiropractic adjustment is also good for children with tonsillitis, asthma, sleep problems, colic and digestive issues.

It is normal for children to bump on things or fall while they are learning to walk. Many bumps and falls do not damage the spine, but a bad fall can leave lasting effects. If delicate nerve tissue is damaged, it can initiate abnormal bone spurs and bone growth due to the swelling and inflammation of soft tissues like spinal discs and others.

Fast forward to 5 to 10 year old kids. Your child will start playing organized sports and may suffer repeated tumbles and falls. Playground injuries to the spine are also common. From age 10 to 15, the spine of a child can be affected by poor posture, the improper loading and carrying of backpacks, a sedentary or inactive lifestyle, or repetitive sports movements. This age group is most likely to be injured by falling off roller blades or skateboards, being tackled during a game, or by a ball hitting them in the head. If the spine is aligned properly at this time, it will help stop future problems

Teenagers experience rapid changes in their bone length due to growth spurts. This puts tension in their muscles and it can result to pain where the bones are attached to the muscles. The growth rate of bones can vary from side to side. A teenager may tend to lean to one side, which can tighten the muscles on the opposite side. The teen may start walking off balance, sitting awkwardly and lifting heavy things improperly. Spinal adjustments can bring the body back to normal.

A chiropractor and his or her caring staff members perform spinal adjustments and advise their clients on posture, exercise and proper nutrition. By getting proper chiropractic care, teenagers and children can be structurally and functionally sound, without having to use drugs. Chiropractors comply with the ethical and moral standards of the ICA Council of pediatrics. If a chiropractor finds out that a child has a more complicated health issue, he or she will refer the child to another medical practitioner.

If your child is suffering from constant backaches, consider seeing a licensed Geneva chiropractor without delay. Find here the clinic we recommend at http://www.kidchiro.com/.

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