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Green Living: Simple Ways To Make It A Habit

The argument around carbon emissions and climate change is very much in the public domain, and most folks are highly aware of the relevant factors. I’m sure there are individuals who, despite having a strong urge to lend assistance, are in the dark about how to go about it. A lot of people are prone to think that if they can’t do something big they may as well do nothing, but there are numerous small behavioural changes which collectively are powerful. A number of small things you can do are mentioned below.

1. Never use a desktop when you can work on a laptop
Computers now are ever-present, with hundreds applications. Laptops use approximately half the energy used by a desktop unit, so use a laptop if you have the choice. There are also other positives to working on laptops; they are portable, which means you can take them anywhere with you and work and they’re more low-cost.

2. If it’s not too far, walk
Vehicles and pollution are synonomous in my mind. Much pollution of the environment is the result of the release of deadly gases through the combustion of an automobile’s fuel. The volume of gases from automobiles poisoning the air everyday is great, given the vast number of cars in use worldwide. If we all try to walk rather than drive a car just once a day, we’d make a sizable change for the better. Walk whenever it’s possible, but don’t beat yourself up if it just isn’t possible. If you need to head to the local convenience stores try to walk rather than drive. Walking can clear up your head, wonderful for your health as well as that of the environment, and save you a bit of money on the side.

3. While brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet
Water is used in everything, from cooking to laundry to keeping radiators warm so it’s no wonder so much of it is wasted every day. Keeping the faucet turned on while you clean your teeth is wasteful. It’s a considerable volume of water that runs out of the tap in the two minutes of teeth brushing. A good idea is to just fill a cup with water and use that to rinse your mouth out because less water is squandered.

4. Having a shower uses less water
Take a quick shower instead of a bath, because it’s been found to be more efficient in terms of both water and energy use. Nonetheless, this doesn’t apply if it takes you 20 minutes or more to shower! Make certain you shower for a short time or else you will be wasting water!

5. Be aware of lights turned on unneccesarily
Empty rooms don’t ordinarily need to be illuminated. If a room doesn’t have anyone in it, what is the purpose of leaving a light turned on? You can save money, save energy and benefit the planet this way. And flip the lights off when it’s sunny outside; you should have enough natural light in your home.

Following these quick tips won’t leave you wth holes in your pockets. Actually, they’ll likely save you money. Go on then, don’t delay – the earth needs you!

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