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For The Best Pool Heater Key West FL Should Be Prioritized

Different reasons make it necessary to heat pools. This process is often done by the use of a pool heater. Heating of pools is sometimes done to prolong their lifespan, but is can also be done to make them ready for us immediately. When considering to buy a pool heater Key West FL should be given the first priority. Here are some tips that one can follow to buy the best equipment.

First, these devices use different sources of energy, including natural gas, propane, and electricity. The design in gas heaters allows them to burn either propane or natural gas. Most people have natural gas piped to their homes for cooking and heating the house. This makes it more convenient to buy a heating device that uses natural gas. Those that use electricity are also a better option to consider.

The altitude at which heaters can operate vary from one model to another. Typical altitudes of operation range from 0 inches to 2000 inches. Specialized models can operate at altitudes in excess of 9000 inches. The way the spa or pool is designed must be considered fist before buying so as to be sure that it can operate well. One should take measurements of the altitude before buying a device.

Devices also differ in how much nox they emit. There are emission standards in place in various jurisdictions in the US to govern how homes, businesses, and factories emit nox into the environment. Before buying a given device, it is important to check out its nox emission level to ensure that it does not exceed the set nox emission standards. People who exceed the emission standards may be charged with criminal conduct.

The durability of devices varies greatly. For durability, one should select a device that has cupro nickel tubing and exchanger as contrasted from copper devices. The choice of cupro nickel devices is because they are better for varying pH levels and salt systems. The shift to use resin/polymer headers among manufacturers is because these headers provide superior resistance to erosion and have better flow performance. The headers should be made of cast iron if the device is to be used for commercial purposes. This is mandatory in some jurisdictions.

The choice of the size of a heater should be determined by the size of the pool. Another major determinant of size is the prevailing climate or weather. If the pool is located above the ground, the heating devices used should range from 55K to 130K BTU. For ground pools, the heater should range from 100k to 400k BTU. Generally, areas that are very cold need bigger and more powerful heaters.

Modern heaters are usually lit through one of the two methods, that is, electronic or millivolt ignition. In millivolt ignition, there is a standing pilot light that stays lit always. On the other hand, in electronic ignition, the burners are lit with an intermittent spark similar to what happens in modern gas grills.

Gas usage is controlled in a more effective way by electronic ignition. Electronic ignition also avoids gas leakage. Millivolt ignition often causes gas leaks when the pilot goes out.

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