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For Quality Powder Coat Los Angeles Is Worth Visiting

Powder coating as suggested by the name is a type of coating that gets applied in dry form as a free-flowing powder. It lacks a solvent medium to maintain it in liquid state like in conventional paints. The binder and filler stays in dry form. When one is in necessity for service firms with specialty in powder coat Los Angeles offers the most recommendable place to consider making a visit to.

The application of the powder is done through electrostatic means, before it is cured into place using heat. The curing allows the coating to flow freely and form a skin-like application over the surface. The finish that is created by this kind of coating is usually tougher than the one provided by conventional paints. There are two main kinds of coatings in existence, that is, thermoset polymer and thermoplastic.

Because of a lack of a liquid carrier, thicker applications can be achieved easily. The applications can be very thick and they do not run or sag. One can apply the coating horizontally or vertically with very little difference between the two applications. The lack of difference between the two kinds of applications makes it hard to tell regions that are applied horizontally from the ones that are applied vertically.

Emissions of VOCs in powder coatings is very low. This is because they lack a liquid carrier that evaporates to emit VOCs. This makes the coatings healthier and ecofriendly. Several powder colors can be applied on a surface and then cured at once. The ability to cure multiple colors at once allows for special effects and color blending to be incorporated into the applications.

In most cases, powder coatings come in particle sizes that range between 30 and 50 microns. The typical softening and melting temperatures are 80 and 150 degrees Celsius respectively. Curing is usually done at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. For the best results, the curing is done for between 10 and 15 minutes. The period of curing varies depending on the thickness of the application.

Adequate surface preparation is necessary before the actual powder coating. The process of surface preparation involves removing unwanted materials such as metal oxides, welding scales, dust, dirt, oil, and lubrication greases. Surface preparation can be done using mechanical or chemical methods. The type of method to be used is usually dependent on the size and material of the surface being coated.

During chemical treatment, the object or surface is submerged or sprayed with phosphates or chromates. The process consists of several steps that include de-smutting, degreasing, and etching. Several rinses of phosphate and chromate follows after the steps named above. Pre-treating a surface has to main purposes. The first purpose is to clean the substrate. The second purpose is to enhance the ability for the coating to bond with the substrate.

Chromates were determined to be toxic to the environment. That led to efforts to invent other methods of pre-treatment. The efforts to develop alternative methods for pre-treatment led to the use of silanes, zirconium, and titanium as alternatives. These alternatives are environmentally friendly and deliver the same results.

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