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For Katahdin Sheep For Sale Kentucky Is The Way To Go

The process of developing Katahdin sheep was started in the late 1950s by someone named Michael Piel from Maine. Piel owned a big farm called the Piel farm, which had thousands of sheep at the time. All the breeding experiments that led to the final production of the new breed of sheep were conducted on the Piel Farm with the assistance of a few other farms. Since the development, this breed has spread throughout the country. Today, when in need of Katahdin sheep for sale Kentucky is one of the best places to visit.

One factor motivated Piel into the development of the breed. Piel realized that other factors other than wool needed to be based upon when engaging in breed selection for meat. Wool breeds were after all not the best animals for meat production. Piel wanted to combine the good qualities he saw in wool breeds with those in Virgin Island sheep to produce a new breed.

Virgin Island sheep had the prolificacy, hair coat, and hardiness Piel was looking for. So, he combined these qualities with those found in wool breeds, which included fast rate of growth and conformation of meat. Piel kicked off the development by crossing British breeds, Suffolk in particular, with hair breeds.

The experimentation continued for another twenty years and involved breeding and selecting animals that had the desired mixture of traits. Piel managed to produce a flock of ewes after all those years. He gave the name Katahdins to the flock, after mount Katahdin in Maine. In the 1970s, Wiltshire Horn was integrated into the flock for the purpose of improving size and the quality of the carcass.

Starting with the original flock, Katahdin population in the country and globally has been increased to thousands of animals. Breeding is done after careful selection is done based on hair coat, reproductive efficiency, and carcass quality. In the year 1986, KNSI was created. KNSI was formed to undertake certain duties including registering individual Katahdins, assisting with marketing and promotion, encouraging research and development towards the betterment of the breed, and recording performance.

Registration of an animal is done at the age of one year after a thorough inspection is performed to make sure that it conforms with the standards of the breed. One must be one of the members of KNSI for them to request for an inspection and have their animal registered. Lambs whose parents are 100 percent pure and registered do not need to be inspected for registration anymore. Those parents must have been born after 1/1/1998.

Katahdins have displayed certain qualities that make them superior over other breeds. For instance, according to research findings on the breed, these animals have displayed a greater level of resistance to parasites compared to other breeds. They also proved to be more heat tolerant than wool breeds.

Other qualities compared with other breeds are fertility factors, growth performance, prolificacy, meat flavor, out-of-season breeding, and carcass quality. The superior meat flavor of this breed makes it favorable to many people worldwide.

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