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For Deck Staining Toronto ON Is The Way To Go

Wood that is utilized to make decks turn gray when UV light penetrates them. The change to a gray color ruins beauty, which can in turn lower the market value of a home if put on market for sale. Wood also starts to rot after it has weathered and can soak rainwater. This is a hazard for anyone who steps on such wood because it may give in.

The application of stains makes wood waterproof and durable because it can repel water falling on its surface. Beauty is also restored by the stains. Therefore, when looking for specialists in deck staining Toronto ON offers the best location to pay a visit. The task of staining a deck can be done as a do-it-yourself project if one has time, resource, and the right knowledge. Otherwise, one may just hire a contractor to do the job. A summary of how to do the job is explained in the paragraphs below.

Before setting out to get the job done, one should check the weather first. One should choose two days when the weather is dry, without any rainfall. The two days should also have temperatures of between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. After identifying two dry days, one should start site preparation. This is important so as to get the job done faster and to avoid ruining other surfaces and objects.

Preparation should start by clearing the deck of all potted plants, furniture, and furnishings because one needs room to move while working. All objects that are not fixed permanently over the deck need to be removed if it is necessary. After removing all objects, one should sweep the surface clean to remove dirt and debris.

Part of the preparation may require sanding the wood using a pole or palm sander. Sanding will speed up the process of applying stain on the wood. When sanding, one should ensure that the sander is moved in the direction of the grain in the wood. Besides sanding, one may use a pressure washer to clean the surface and make it smooth. While sanding or pressure-washing, it is important to wear protective equipment to avoid possible injury associated with the processes.

One should only start stain application after they have completed all preparations that they need to do. Manufacturers usually avail manuals with instructions on how to use their products. One should follow those instructions carefully. Stains cannot be applied in direct sunlight because the heat will make them dry faster. If the stains dry faster, they are not absorbed into the wood properly.

The application of stains should be done using brushes with fine bristles. Other tools one may use to apply include paint rollers and sprayers. One should start by applying stains on 2-3 board sections in thin applications. Then, they should proceed to apply on the rest of the area. It is more recommendable to apply two or three coats to achieve better results. The process should be done by two or more people if possible.

Giving stains proper maintenance ensures that they last longer. To ensure that they continue being effective, one should check them randomly. If they have lost their waterproofing ability, then another coat needs to be applied. Sweeping debris is part of daily maintenance.

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