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Finding An Affordable Amplifier Repair

If you play guitar and use an amplifier, solid state and tube models will need a regular checkup, and occasionally faults will need fixing. If your equipment stops working you will have to search for affordable amplifier repair to get it working again. A few important things should be taken into account before you have any work carried out and a little care is needed.

There are two types of guitar amp used by musicians and they differ slightly in the way that they operate. Head units are popular with professionals and they have to be wired to a speaker to get sound. Combo amplifiers are favored by home players and amateurs as they cost less and are more portable due to the built in speakers.

A valve amp will need routine inspections to keep it in good order and to keep it working properly. Most guitarists will carry a spare valve with them when they are performing on a regular basis. When you need work doing on a vacuum tube model it is essential that you only let a qualified technician carry out the work. By having the repairs done by a professional the work will be done properly and will be covered by a guarantee.

A transistor amp will also need inspections and some of this work can be done in your home. Minor faults can be corrected with a little time using just a few tools found in most home workshops. If the equipment had developed a major fault it is much better to entrust the work to a guitar store or qualified electrical engineer.

The components needed to repair amplifiers can be found online or in local guitar stores. When you are purchasing the components you should make sure that they are the correct ones for your amp and that they are covered by a warranty. Second hand components be used and in the case of speakers this can be a cheap way to do your repairs.

When you have to buy replacement components there are a couple of important points to consider. It is always better to use factory made components if possible due to the better build quality. When you are getting a vintage or rare amp fixed it is preferable to have the work done by the manufacturer or one of their authorized repair centers.

If you own a very old amplifier or a rare model you may find it difficult to buy some of the parts needed to carry out the repair work. Nearly new stores and junk shops are worth a visit and many will have old amps lying around which you can strip for parts. You can also have a look at the adverts in guitar magazines as people regularly advertise unwanted spares.

The prices charged for amp repair work will depending on the model, the fault and the work needed. If your repairs are going to be expensive it can be worth contacting a few companies for quotes so that you can make some price comparisons. It is also worth noting that if you have to send an amp away to be worked on you will need to arrange shipping and transit insurance.

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