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eToro USA Review

eToro launched its American version for forex traders coming from the USA in early 2009 after years of success in the European market.

eToro USA is regulated and licensed according to the guidelines enforced by the NFA and when you trade forex using the eToro USA Platform, you can rest assure that every action you take, and each and every action taken by eToro’s analysts are genuine, honest and work on the user’s benefit rather than the opposite as happens with so many shady forex brokers in the industry.

Since the NFA regulations are a slightly different from other regulators (such as MIFID), there are a few differences in the platform for customers trading from the United States.

The major difference is the leverage levels traders are able to obtain when using the platform.
While trading from Europe permits users to utilize up to 1:500 forex leverage, if you trade with eToro USA your highest leverage point will be 1:50.
This may seem as a compromise to you, but if you know how the forex industry works you definitely understand that trading forex with high leverage means high risk; most experienced forex traders do not trade with leverage at all.

The NFA doesn’t allow people to trade high leverage mostly because the financial trouble America has been through in the past couple of years.

Except for leverage differences, pretty much everything on eToro USA is similar to the regular platform and enables you to trade from Mobile devices such as an iPhone or an iPad, and use the eToro copytrade platform which lets you see what other traders are doing and imitate their trades and strategy.

eToro’s bonuses for first deposit varies and changes frequently. If you would like to know how much bonus you can obtain when using eToro USA, please click the link below to visit eToro.

If you wish to learn more about eToro USA – Please click here to watch a video about the platform.

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