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Essential Advice On Hiring A Firm That Offers Naples AC Installs

A thunderstorm can be unnerving for children, pets and others who are afraid of the bright flash of lightning and the loud boom of thunder. What is more frightening is the fact that a lightning strike can affect the electrical wiring of your home including your HVAC unit. Florida had the highest deaths linked to lighting between 2005 and 2014, with forty seven people being killed. In 2015, five people died as a result of lighting strikes in Florida.

Generally, the initial lighting strike does not damage the air conditioning units right away. The power surges that follow an outage are the culprit. Power surges are spikes in voltage and they vary in both magnitude and duration. If your air conditioning system gets damaged, you should hire a professional to repair it. A company that performs Naples AC installs can help you deal with lighting damage.

It may take a while after a lightning strike before you start noticing that your AC unit is faulty. This is, in most cases, caused by damaged components inside the AC system such as fuses which have been blown up by the excess electrical current. Relatively small power surges will damage the capacitor, which if not repaired, may lead to the damage and consequent failure of the compressor.

The other kind damage that HVAC systems sustain due to a lighting strike is burnt wires. If the power surge harms the wires in the air conditioner, the unit may not work. It is imperative to hire a same day Naples Florida AC company to check you unit following a lighting strike. The company will perform the repairs on the same day enabling you to prevent costlier replacements in the future.

Once lightning hits your house, the electrical damage that results from it is impossible to prevent. However, it is possible to reduce the power surges. You should install devices such as outlet surge suppressors, to deal with the surges as soon as the weather forecast experts predict an oncoming storm. The damage resulting from the power surges will reduce and your AC unit will be protected from the after effects of a lightning strike.

Consumers can also reduce the damage to electric gateways of their homes by using panel mounted surge protectors. If they install surge protection for their entire home, homeowners can save their wiring and appliances from damage caused by lightning strikes. Another way to prevent this type of damage is turning off their air conditioners during a storm. This can minimize damage caused by power surges and help them avoid replacing their air conditioners.

You can get the best HVAC services in Naples or Bonita Springs, Florida from an established and reputable HVAC company. Such a firm will have top rated reviews. Another good option is to get recommendations from people you trust. Getting references from the AC companies you communicate with is also important.

A trusted HVAC firm will have highly trained technicians that are available during emergencies. The company will also have all the parts required to perform repairs on a wide variety of air conditioning units. The technicians can perform the repairs promptly at a reasonable price.

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