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Doritos Coupon – Why You Should Have Discount Vouchers

Doritos is a label under the Frito-Lay company (a subsidiary of PepsiCo Inc); the tasty tortilla chips got introduced in the us around 1964. The name of the chips means ‘little-gold’ and is actually a Spanish word. The chips was produced to be crunchier, thinner coupled with even more additional flavor. This revamp, according to Frito-Lay, was the costliest redesign of any of their products. While the expense on renovating this product was really expensive, it turned out probably the most well-liked products sold in the retail outlet – based on Information Resource International in 1993.

Doritos was and still is a brand of tortilla chips that gained popularity due to the crunch and its essence. You could see the Doritos bags in most supermarkets (and other Frito-Lays chips) in rows along the snacks section. Though its reputation and mouth watering taste helped it to be a best seller, many would question its affordability. So, Frito-Lay created an idea to showcase the Doritos product via making and distributing discount codes. These Doritos coupon codes allow the holder to buy the chips for a price lower than the original sale price found in the supermarkets. Some coupon codes are in fact bought for an amount so that the Doritos product can be purchased for nothing when presented in any outlet suggested on the discount coupon.

There are two categories of Doritos coupons which are offered through various print media . Some websites offer free Doritos chips via promotional offers and prizes. Some sites just share discount coupons where they will be printed out and given to the stores that sell Doritos. First form of Doritos coupons will give you a buy one get one offer – which enables the customer to get the bag of chips and the other bag of chips will be given totally free. The other variety of Doritos coupon will offer a percentage off on the price of one bag of chips.

A number of e-mails that are in circulation online claim they can give a bag of Doritos away for free. Many of these promo codes are fraudulent. The coupons are not, as Frito-Lay had claimed, made or distributed by them. These bogus discount coupons can be easily recognized because they don’t have a two-part UPC code, no certain amount and weight, and the fake coupon never says that the max is $5 on a single bag. For additional info on Frito-Lay coupons, one might visit their site and check if the coupon is a bogus or a genuine one.

Doritos coupons allow the shopper to order and sample this product at a cheaper price. Inside a Doritos bag there are also coupons which may allow you to get a prize – like free movie tickets, tickets to the Super Bowl, and various prizes which could be a free Pepsi or one other bag of Doritos. Prizes may vary per coupon available on print media and found inside a coupon bag. Whatever it be, they know the need of the shopper very well that helps them to market the product.

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