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Detox and Colon Cleansing for Good Health

In the last few years colon cleansing has become fairly popular and almost fad like, with the Acai Berry Cleanse rocketing to popularity. Celebrities such as Beyonce have also been experiment with the Master Cleanse for rapid weight loss, which has also made mainstream news.

Colon cleansing however is not a new thing, and has been around for many years. In fact it can even be witnessed in the wild as animals instinctively seek out pure sources of bentonite clay to aid in the detoxification of their bodies.

The recent rise to popularity has brought with it many inferior products, which do not actually clean the colon as effectively as one might have hoped for. The older products such as the Blessed Herbs Cleanse, the Arise and Shine Cleanse, The Bio Colon Cleanse and any other products that contain a good mix of organic herbs and and bentonite clay (as separate mixes) are excellent choices however.

From our research we have found that the most effective colon cleanses are the ones that contain bentonite clay mixed with psyllium, as the clay helps to bind and remove toxins from the bowel, and stop them being reabsorbed into the blood, which greatly reduces cleansing reaction. The herbs in the product should also be organic, and the clay and the herbs should most definitely be in 2 different formula’s and consumed at least 2 hours away from each other, or else the clay will absorb the herbs and render them ineffective.

This kind of cleansing makes an excellent entry point for people who are just beginning their journey into colon cleansing. But people who have already done a few cleanses and are on a pure vegan diet already may also like to try juice fasting or even water fasting.

Water fasting provides the deepest level of cleansing as all the organs and cells are able to rest during the process and enter a state of deep healing. Caution is advised with water fasting however as the body will need a lot of rest.

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