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American Bully Puppies For Sale Can Make Wonderful Family Pets

Most people who love dogs have favorite breeds. There are those who love little dogs they can carry around with them and spend countless hours curled up beside them. Individuals who enjoy active lifestyles often prefer large energetic animals that love the outdoors and want to accompany their human families on hiking and biking adventures. Still others purchase dogs for protection as well as companions and like the fact that their animal can be intimidating to strangers. If you are looking for a sturdy, loving pet with a reputation as a ferocious defender of their homes, American Bully puppies for sale might be right for you.

These feisty dogs came into being as a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Stafford Terrier. The breeders had the goal of creating a great family dog with the outstanding traits of both terriers. Over the years a lot of breeders have attempted to diminish the reputation some bulldogs have for aggression and ferociousness.

Bullies are medium size animals that range in height from about one feet to somewhat less that two feet. They are very strong, muscular dogs with broad chests and stocky legs and may weigh anywhere from seventy to over hundred pounds as adults. The ratio of height to weight is considered more important than the actual inches and pounds.

Even people who don\’t know much about dogs usually recognize the Pit Bull name and appearance. Unfortunately they can have bad reputations and are often avoided as pets. The Bullies however are generally very loving animals that have infinite patience with small children and are eager to behave in a manner that endears them to their owners.

The way animals are raised greatly influences the kind of adult the animal will become. Bullies need a firm hand and a firm, but gentle, owner who always maintains control. An owner who is consistent and makes sure the dog knows exactly what is considered acceptable behavior should have no trouble handling this pet. Without a firm hand, these animals can become aggressive and act out in ways that can have unwanted results. They are trainable animals because of their eagerness to please.

Although they need regular exercise to keep them healthy and active, they can thrive in small living spaces such as apartments and condominiums with plenty of indoor activities and attention. Bullies are fine playing within fenced yards and love to take daily walks with their owners. This breed usually prefers a warm climate and may not want to venture outdoors in cold weather.

There are some unscrupulous breeders who give Bully puppies steroids to encourage muscle mass and strength. These individuals and the dogs they breed should be avoided. Once the drugs are out of its system, the dog\’s size will revert to normal, but it may suffer from the effects, such as joint and organ issues, for the rest of its life. These problems can also be passed from one generation to the next.

Most Bullies are wonderful animals that make great pets. Their imposing appearance often hides a huge, loving heart.

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