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A Wallet Cost a Month’s Salary, Deserve Or Not?

Passing by that shop, a girl stopped her step and turned around, staring through the show window. Inside lied a fragile wallet shining under the light. She had been here for many times, but hesitated for its price. Finally, appetite fought against the contradiction, she entered and got that wallet with her month’s salary.

Is it worthwhile spending a month’s salary just for a wallet? My answer is yes for following reasons.

Firstly, that wallet deserves a purchase. A wallet in that price usually is a genuine product under the known logo. In other word, the quality of that can be guaranteed and it can be used for long period. And from the sign that the girl likes that wallet so much, the wallet should have a special appearance; it may be novel and attractive. In addition, it has real value to store the money more than a decoration.

Secondly, the girl herself deserves to go after what she really wants. The girl finally possessed it, she was ravished with joy. The feeling of ecstasy is priceless and precious. Think of the reasons why people work hard. They are struggling for better life. The money just changes these two staff. If people don’t convert the money to physical substance, money is just paper with numbers on it. Now the girl not only got the practical and singularly beautiful wallet, she also got a jovial mood.

Thirdly, her life deserves the enjoyment. This wallet makes her more passionate about her life and work. The luxurious staff also improves the taste and quality of life and makes the master looks more grace. This is exactly the way of enjoying the life to let these things decorate the individual world.-buy wallets wallets
To conclude, the things one purchase just represent her or his taste. Not only the wallet, but for all that people pursue, beyond the price, I think it deserves because you translate your labor into the things you chase, you translate the happiness of getting a substance into the psychological enjoyment, and you translate the money into your grace.

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