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Your Third Molars Are Wisdom Teeth

Everyone knows that Wisdom teeth can be a huge pain and inconvenience. You have probably heard stories about people getting their wisdom teeth out and the problems that they have encountered. Getting your wisdom teeth out is not enjoyable but it can be less enjoyable if you do not know anything about wisdom teeth Before you decide to get wisdom tooth surgery there are a lot of things that you should know, so you can be prepared.

Wisdom teeth are actually known as your third molars. Your mouth only has enough room to house two molars on each side, top and bottom. Since your mouth is cramped on room, it usually results in wisdom tooth problems and then wisdom teeth removal. When your wisdom teeth start to grow it can cause problems to your oral health and you may find that your wisdom teeth are impacted. When your wisdom teeth are impacted you may run into wisdom teeth problems and they may be harder to remove. Your wisdom teeth if not removed, may cause infections and a greater problem may arise.

Wisdom teeth extraction is usually a pretty smooth process. Wisdom teeth extraction is usually done by Maxillofacial surgeons. Maxillofacial Surgeons usually will use a local anesthetic and some people are completely asleep when they have their wisdom teeth removed. After your wisdom teeth have been extracted there are a lot of precautions that you need to take to make sure you are taking proper care of where your wisdom teeth used to be. After having wisdom tooth surgery, you may be very groggy and not all completely there. Your face will probably be very swollen, but do not worry this is natural. Wisdom tooth extraction does cause swelling but it should go down each day, and should not last that long.

Your oral health is very important after you have your wisdom teeth removed. You want to make sure to take the precautions that are necessary to protecting yourself from infections or dry sockets. Dry sockets are fairly common but very painful. Dry socket means bone inflammation. This is distinguished by extreme pain and a foul odor. There are ways to help prevent dry sockets. Smoking after wisdom teeth extraction is a big no-no. Also, do not drink from straws until your mouth has completely healed. Bleeding and oozing is normal for 3-4 days after you have had your wisdom teeth removed. If bleeding and oozing continues after that time period, make sure to contact your dentist.

Picking the right Maxillofacial surgeons is key to having your wisdom teeth extracted. Since most people have had their wisdom teeth removed (only 10% of the popular do not have wisdom teeth) ask them for advice. Asking your friends and family for advice is key because you can see what problems that experienced and what they thought of specific Maxillofacial surgeons. Ask them about the care that they received before and after their wisdom teeth. Your dentist also can recommend Maxillofacial surgeons to you.

It is key that you are going to your dentist regularly and getting checkups. Your dentist will usually take x-rays of your teeth and let you know when it is time to get your wisdom teeth removed. Do not put off getting your wisdom teeth removed, because the longer you wait the more problems will arrive.


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