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You ought to the planet pandora accessory once you really enjoy an individual

Special forces unit who were more or less learned some martial arts, and their practice of catch and Sanda and boxing Ju Dou a blend of the characteristics of Ba Ji Quan, Liu wins usually instructors often do they exercise them, therefore all Ba Ji Quan is not strange for this time to see tigers at this battle, all while some in a daze, they thought the tiger was practiced tai chi, never thought would octupole.
Tai Chi emphasis is on ease, softness, but the emphasis is Tough octupole swift, two boxing Dong belong to two very different styles, how to train well in the same person two different boxing?
But then Tiger’s performance is all the people stunned, thunder, they hit together, Liu wins to seize the opportunities, but the Tigers is striking, and tall and strong and did not affect his speed, real Rujian Liu Shengfei go toward the general, the momentum actually more anxious, they hit one, Liu Sheng knocked back again and again, the hearts of pandora schmuck dismay from the collision between the Ba Ji Quan he seems to really understand the esoteric.
Ba Ji Quan the emphasis is on explosive power, but the outbreak of this force, but the inch fresh and different Wing Chun, the emphasis is on power up in all directions, this time by the Tigers this mountain is so affixed in mind, it seems to feel Liu Sheng nest in a group within the impulsive spin to the right shoulder as a fulcrum, like a scattered body of the aircraft in general, almost visceral shift Liu Sheng, an sweet blood rushed to his throat was forced to swallow, but it is felt the body extreme pain, and in others not stand before the Tigers once again rushed to actually come, it is clear, then comes crashing again and again, posted the stunt is not covered by mountains, the estimate is only twice Liu wins this will be paralyzed in bed two weeks.
At this point, the remaining three players also can not afford to repeat that grace, gave face, three at the same time sprang to the Tigers, first flew the Tao, leaping volley two meters tall, straight punch toward the Tigers blow to the neck at.
Wing Chun.
Tao Wing Chun is actually quite the furnace, this emphasis is Wing Chun punching straight, simple, practical, and strive to hit the shortest distance from each other, then burst inch fresh, quite lethal.
Yue Wu’s Bagua is followed by blow to the ribs after the tigers to go the way Magic and fast, which is within the family gossip boxing boxing, this chi-Yue Wu childhood, can be described as deep internal strength, Zhang Feng whistling into the sound at this time.


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