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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is a Common Procedure

As soon as your wisdom teeth start pushing their way into you start feeling the pain. Even though getting your wisdom teeth is somewhat of a landmark event in a teen’s life, the pain in your mouth can reach a point where it is nearly unbearable. When it reaches that point, the logical choice is to have a wisdom tooth extraction. Oral surgeons can be used for many reasons, including tooth extraction. Your regular dentist will commonly refer you to an oral surgeon for an event like wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure and it includes the opening of your gum to remove your wisdom teeth. After the teeth are carefully extracted stitches are used to seal the gum up. Most of the stitches are made of a material that will gradually dissolve over about a week. Occasionally the stitches are made of a different material and will need to be removed by your dentist. The bleeding that comes with a wisdom tooth extraction is stopped using cotton gauze. As with any other tooth or molar extraction, wisdom tooth extraction uses both local and general anesthetics to numb, and dull pain, and to take the patients mind off of the surgery. The general anesthesia is used more commonly when more than one tooth is being extracted. In a wisdom tooth extraction the tooth is often split into pieces so that it is easier to remove. The whole tooth is too large to remove easily.

The two most common reasons for teeth to be removed surgically are; (1) the teeth being extracted are the lower third molars (a more scientific name for wisdom teeth) or (2) you have impacted wisdom teeth. There are two type of doctors that can remove wisdom teeth. You can use a general dentist or an oral surgeon. There are two main differences between the two. The first is that oral surgeons specialize in tooth extraction, and the second is cost. If you aren’t worried about the cost, an oral surgeon is often the better choice. A wisdom tooth extraction is right up their alley. Oral surgeons are better equipped for wisdom tooth extraction because of the amount of skill it takes to remove the third molars. If you are worried about complications with your wisdom tooth extraction, opt for an oral surgeon. Some general dentist can also handle such a detailed surgery.

The most common complication associated with wisdom tooth extraction is “dry socket”, or alveolar osteitis. Dry socket happens for two reasons. The first is that after the extraction an adequate blood clot failed to form in the tooth’s socket. The second reason is that the blood clot that did form comes out. The mouth heals more slowly without a blood clot, so it is important to try to avoid this complication.

Your oral health is just as important as the health of the rest of your body. And when your wisdom teeth come in it can be just as painful as an injury to your body. Wisdom tooth extraction is a necessary procedure in life and it is important to choose the right dentist or oral surgeon for you. And after that wisdom tooth extraction your smile will be perfect.


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