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Why A Septic Tank Cleaning Franklin Ky Homeowners Ask For Will Help You

A septic system is one system that treats all of the waste that flows out of your house. When it is working, everything is fine. When it does not, there are concerns about the healthy and safety, not only of your house and family but also of the yard where this unit is installed. When it stops working, there are several reasons why and something has to be done about it. One of the first tasks that must be accomplished is to get the septic tank cleaning Franklin KY companies do all of the time.

The septic tank, itself, has several sections and components to make it work properly. There is the pipe that comes from the house which feeds into the tank at the top. The main section, composed of two very different areas allows the separation of the waste into liquids and solids. The solids fall to the bottom and is broken down by natural and added enzymes and the liquids stay on top.

The liquid that stays on the top of the solids, when it reaches the level of the outflow pipe, flows out into the drain field. This field is constructed from a pipe with perforations in it, surrounded by gravel and soil to allow for the absorption into the yard and ground water. This field is very long, compared to the tank and will help filter dangerous elements out of the waste liquid.

If the pipe from the house gets clogged or broken into, due to tree roots, it needs to be repaired. If not, the ground around that pipe can get saturated with this smelly, often disease ridden water. If the drain field has some problems, it, too, must be dug up and repaired. This is often more complicated than any other repairs to be done on and around this unit.

Any repairs that need to be attempted for anything within this systems can only be done after it has been cleaned out, thoroughly. You can find the companies that specialize in this work through the normal channels. This could include newspapers, online review websites and references from friends and neighbors. Plumbers are a good resource for this service.

Calling the service company will cause them to bring their rather large pump trunk and all tools they need. The truck will back into your property and get as close to this container as physically possible. The hose will be fabricated by connecting several lengths of hose to reach from the truck to the tank. They will connect one end to the truck and the other will be inserted into the tank.

When the pump is turned on, the vacuum removes most of the material from the tank, liquid and solids. A pressure hose is used to rinse down the sides of the tank while brushes are used to dislodge other, stuck on material from the walls of the tank.

Water is then forced down the waste water drains from the house to finish the job. Enzymes are introduced into the tank to refresh its ability to break down solids going forward. The results of all of this is a clean tank, free from odors and a system that is ready to accept new materials from you and anyone else you invite in.

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