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Where’s the most beneficial expensive jewelry destination to town erratic planet

Yuwen Xuan Hai ambition rarely seen side of the DC at this time the feeling of some cold sweat, Yuwen Xuan mundane word, actually let him have a great pressure, the moment did not dare to look at Yu Wenhao, after all the things honestly say it again.
A group of son of brother looked at each other, no one to speak, know Yuwen Xuan character, but everyone was silent for all six horses in silence, waste of Yuwen Hao, which is much calamity ah, even if Owen Xuan has this brother is not much on their own goodwill, but always one mother’s brother, this tone, Yuwen Xuan any case can not swallow.
But Owen Xuan brow gradually stretch to the cold channel: “You shame conspicuous things rolling, we face at home Yuwen you disgrace, not that ability, but also what the river Raptors, hum , and then slowly go home at night I find you afterwards! ”
Yuwen Hao also be speaking, was Yuwen Xuan stare, obediently leave immediately.
A group of people continue to pandora beads play billiards, and Yuwen Xuan face and slowly become a little gloomy, while the Wen Bin Chen Sheng said: “This matter should be treated carefully now Qin six horses home, at this critical time , what you say will be the top people will look at the eyes, who now moved Qin home, perhaps one above will help Qin, Qin and logical so the old man down, but also be a comfort to him. ”
“You’re right, now the situation is unknown, we can only wait, and so on Qin lose power, I would go would be the sixth horse, Well, we Yuwen home, even if another is wrong, not him on the to lecture, not to mention he is not so aggressive, that is not to my face, and this account, I am going to write down, to Japan together Forget it! “Owen looked appreciate some Xuan Wen Bin, suddenly laughing : “Or do you want to get thoughtful ah!”
Six high-profile deal with Yuwen Hao Ma, one hand to vent their anger on the other hand is playing a Qiaoshanzhenhu, now Shanghai’s situation is very complex, forces the parties eyeing hard to imagine who would not eat the bear guts to trouble.
Thus they do indeed show some effect, the result is warning to others in the next month, the bar’s reputation heyday, SOS bar called the Shanghai safest bar, is recognized as non-toxic non-yellow bars, has been a constant stream of guests, of course, happy horse six quiet.


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