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Where is the perfect rings location to purchase a personal loan?

Xu Feng recovered, looked at six horses look, whispered: “how?”
“I would like to hear your story!” Six horses very seriously Road.
“Feelings?” Xu Feng slight frown.
Horse six nodded.
Xu Feng hesitated for a moment, suddenly a long sigh, That laughed: “Well, since you are interested, I’ll tell you anyway, this thing simmer in my mind a long long time!” Horse six sat. “I was eighteen years old, fell in love with a man, he is my childhood, he was called Wang Shaojing, be it a young artists, he understands the language of the five countries, six self-study to get a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees , considered a genius bar, formerly in the “Southern Poetry News” column did poet, He is my old, small as big brother to take care of me the same, then he is sick, is the esophagus, from his Beijing back home, then do a literary newspaper, a newspaper called “star grass,” he gave me the maximum sentence is right, this man alive, was to do something, unfortunately, not the newspaper just to do a He left several issues, you know, the esophagus is not the same with other diseases, was almost starved to death, then I would like to continue his unfinished business, but I found I was not a piece of material, and then later, the newspaper do not, my biggest wish is that time to pandora armband help him give birth to a child, really, but until the day he left, he has not touched me – ”
Xu Feng crystal eyes shining with tears, feeling a little out of control.
Six horses do not know how to comfort, only to feel a little bit sad, do not say anything.
Xu Feng eyes closed, half the day, this sparse long breath, said: “He went away, took my hand and said, Xiaofeng, this life I can not give you happiness, but I You must be happy to go to find a man to marry earlier, but this man must love you, my next life, I would marry you to be my wife! ”
Static. Very quiet. Time seems to stop off at this moment. Xu Feng did not say nothing. Six horses did not say nothing.
Until after a long, long time, Xu Feng suddenly breaks through his tears, said: “is not particularly vulgar?” See the smiles of Xu Feng, always feel that smile is full of bitter, full of regret, only one, let the hearts of six horses up some heavy and depressed, faint trace of pain in Italy. Xu Jie, each person’s life may not be the same, but I think everyone will have their own sad story for some, it is important that we be able to look forward, to have the courage to come out, it is important to have a good current Every day, I think you are happy, the future well-being, and he in heaven, it must be very comforting, right? “six horses some excitement Road.
Xu Feng six horses looked dignified look, suddenly porphyrin rip loudly laughed: “Do you think I am out of it? Not going to look like it?”


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