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What You Need To Know About Driveway Sealcoating

Having a beautiful drive through will not only give you an easy time when parking, but help your house attractive. One of the ways of doing this is putting up a driveway sealcoating in most cases this is done during the fall season due to the warm temperatures that promote drying of the coating. This means that most contractors are fully booked during this season thus you need to make an early booking of their services. Here are other tips to note.

To ensure that the task is completed in time before the afternoon hours when the coating is likely to dry completely, ensure that the contractors begin the task before daylight or immediately at dawn. This will allow the task to be completed in time and allow enough time for the coat to dry completely before the next day. This also ensures that you have the task done in a short time as possible.

It is important to note that areas in the shade will take longer to dry as they do not have direct sunlight to dry the coat. Often these areas need 2 or more hours in the sun to ensure the coat completely dries off. The temperatures should be above 50 degrees in the afternoon to ensure that these areas receive adequate heat to dry the coat.

In the coating process, latex is an additive added to the coating mixture to help increase the drying rate of the coat. It is an additive used for faster drying especially during the fall season. However, avoid using the additive in extremely cold conditions example at night as this will reduce the efficient working of the chemical. You thus need to use the additive after confirming that the conditions are suitable.

Heavy traffic may interfere with the progress of the task if it is not properly handled. The contractors thus need to assess the traffic flow on the area that is to be coated. They then come up with an alternative road or path to ensure that the area is clear of any traffic. For roads with heavy traffic, the contractors need to hasten the process as possible to reduce effects it has on traffic.

Other than the temperatures of the day, you also need to consider the humidity. Higher humidity will result in less air available for use in evaporation. You thus need to ensure that humidity is suitable for the task. You should also avoid carrying out the process during cloudy days unless the temperatures are above 50 degrees and are expected to rise to up to 60 degrees during the day.

For convenience, some contractors in Philadelphia, PA may decide to coat the road at night. To do this, they should ensure that the temperatures should be at around 65 degrees to ensure that the coat dries completely. After the coating is done at night, you also need to keep traffic off the road till around 9 or 10pm in the morning to ensure it is completely dry before it is used.

By coating your parking lot, driveway, and pavement, you will end up saving time and money that would have been used in maintaining it to ensure it is in proper condition. It also helps lengthen the life of the path. However, to achieve these advantages, you need to ensure that the coating process is done appropriately.

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