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What Makes a Good Colon Cleanse

In the last few years one of the fastest growing health trends in the world has been colon cleansing. Following in the footsteps of health geniuses such as Bernard Jensen and Dr Christopher, many reputable companies have developed their own variations of this wonderful regime.

Colon cleansing is a process by which a person takes certain herbs and sometimes clay and/or different kinds of fiber. The herbs have the effect of stimulating the colon and organs to release wastes and the fiber and clay absorbs the toxins and carries them away.

The best kind of colon cleanses, such as The Bio Colon Cleanse, The Arise and Shine Cleanse and the Blessed Herbs Cleanse all contain bentonite clay and psyllium husks mixed together as a powder. This mix is taken with apple juice or water. The purpose of this ‘shake’ is to absorb toxins and mucoid plaque from the bowel and stop them reentering the body. This greatly reduces the cleansing reactions.

Also at a different time of the day a herbal capsule formula must be consumed. The purpose of this formula is to stimulate the bowel and organs to cleanse themselves. Usually these formula’s contain many bitter herbs, and also common to all of them is cascara sagrada, which is a tree bark renowned for it’s bowel purging strength.

Many of the cleanses available today however are not as fine quality as the 3 mentioned above, and they do not work any where near as effectively. It is of utmost importance that the ingredients in the cleanse are organic, wild crafted or chemical free, and it is also vitally important that the bentonite clay should not be combined with any herbs that you would want to absorb. The bentonite should always be consumed at least 1.5 hours away from any food or herbs for maximum effect.

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