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what is the crystal pattern of a sapphire

I have good hair combing, cloths, and then down the stairs. My father said, I like this out, it’s hard to be accepted by others, men are not men and women are not women. I laugh, it does not matter. Most of the people I know so I do not mind how people look at me, I just live his life well enough. I’m not sorry no, I’m sorry I will now. I went down, go down from the seventh floor, I need to go a long way to find a place to buy batteries. Do not think I can buy batteries for the camera, the camera can put a very long time, does not need to worry. There was a roll of film, I put it moldy, and I have not finished photos, chamilia charms but did it from the camera out, In addition, there are a number of film, I shot well, but did not take to wash, because I do not anxious. Really take the time to wait until the wash, but found that they have forgotten that film is what month of the. Wash out a lot of things have changed realize that, once things, those who have become blurred. I buy batteries, just because I want to listen to the radio, my radio is not the battery.
Today is Sunday, I want to listen to a man’s voice. He was cold outside, inside such a warm Sunday morning, he invited everyone into his world of music. It was like jazz, the old man to enjoy the black singer, in his words, he is now four years old, he has been accompanied by music for a long time, he did not want to change. I listen to his show, only because I am not very understanding of jazz music. I have always been just a passive recipient, I will hear good music, delight, but I would never go to Amoy my favorite music album, the same, I will not take the initiative to read about music history. Is a simple act like there is no reason, your chamilia no reason. Similarly, for my forgetful person, no amount of description is no good music. I listen to his program, just like the kind of atmosphere, just rely on his voice, so I’m not lonely.This feeling, like you called in on the big bookstores monsoon cup of green tea, slowly drink one morning, reading a book, and you like, not that book, not those on the desktop display, not the green tea taste, not next to the dried flowers, not the vinyl on the wall, just like you all that enjoy the process.


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