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What Current Brain Research is Finding

We are learning a lot about our brains and how they function by using new technology and focusing in on new studies. Much of the current brain research is used to focus on overcoming brain trauma as a result of anxiety, stress, depression and other mental illnesses.

Through neurofeedback we can see how the brain fires electronically and use our findings to fix the misfires through brain training and rehabilitation. Physical trauma to the brain as well as emotional disturbances can lead to disruptions and in the way the brain functions. People with mental illnesses and depression have much different looking neurofeedback than those with no known mental illnesses.

Today we use a combination of machines and technology to read this neurofeedback and we are finding that we can indeed control the way our brains fire.

Through the use of MRI and EEG machines we can actually see how the brain fires when doing brain research. We can then test out how well certain brain training works to get the brain to fire as normal.

First you test out the patient’s brain activity before the training begins, during, and then once it is through. People with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental illnesses like ADHD, autism, and bipolar disorder have all shown major improvements through proper mental brain training.

Analysis through EEG feedback as well as personality and mood changes gives us plenty of proof that these brain exercises through scientifically validated brain training programs do actually work.

People that have experienced daily occasions of panic attacks and severe depression due to emotional trauma experiences in their life have reported complete recoveries after going through such brain training. Of course it hasn’t worked for every single patient, but the good news is that we are on the right path and we can use these test results to build on our knowledge and create better brain function training programs to help even more people.

With time and enough brain research we may find the cures to many diseases and illnesses through brain rehabilitation without the use of medicines or radical surgeries to do so. We are finding much conclusive evidence that the brain does indeed have the power to retrain and cure itself from traumatic events.

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