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Business women are usually too busy to take some time-consuming measures to keep our figures slim. It is comparatively not easy for us to ensure the proper intake of nutrition and the certain ammount of time engaging in a fitness club. the following is a suggestion made for business women concerning the choice of the food in everyday life.

Every morning, we are reluctant to get up and clinging to our bed until the clock stops ringing. Then, we often drink a cup of coffee of juice as our breakfast and hurry to the office. At lunch, a large ammount of women choose to kill the food in the office with eyes sticking to the computer screen from time to time. However, all the above habits are not good for our health, let alone to keep our body slim. Let’s turn to the right choice of our three meals in a day which is popular among these days.

This suggestion doesn’t mean to request us to go on a diet, neither does it take us a lot of time. It will help us to form the right habit of diet and gradually provide us slimming bodies. And if it is coupled with meizitang botanical slimming softgels, the effect will be much better than just have healthy food only.

Please do not forget or ignore our breakfast which is the most important among our three meals. Before eating breakfast, we can take one pill of meizitang which will boost the metabolism in our body. Have a cup of yogurt or milk coupled with porridge, cheese sandwiches or salad, we will not feel hungry all the morning and get enough energy all day long.

At lunch, we can take the following food into consideration. The choice ranges from steamed or boiled vegetables to steamed or baked potatoes, from chicken or turkey to fish and seafood salads, from beans to rice.

During the evening, we’d better eat less and the vegetables only. They have low calorie and high ammount of complex carbohydrates. The complex carbohydrates makes us feel satisfactory and full.  So does the botanical slimming softgels. we can supplement the dinner with carrots, white cabbage, zucchini, eggplant and etc.

According to the nutritionists and personal doctors’ advice, we’d better eat fruit every day. Among numerous kinds of fruits, apple is the most favorite. From the perspective of biology, apple contains the elements of cellulose, pectin and antioxidants which will less the ammount of “bad cholesterol” in the blood. Another highly-recommended fruit is persimmon. It comforts our nervous system, and increases our working efficiency. So it is very useful for bisiness ladies. The proper time to eat fruit is either 30 minutes before each meal or 3 to 4 hours after each meal.

But we need to note down some fruits which is to suitable to eat for their high calories. For instance, bananas contains four to five times the calories than that of apples and avocado more than two hundred kilocalorie per 100 grams. If we take these high calorie fruit, we will easliy store too much fat in a short time.


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