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Left back: Paul • White Sox jerseys Maldini (Italy)
Not only looks the most handsome ever left-back, it is likely to be the best left back ever game, the Azzurri in his campaign more than ten years, the participating 126 games, the biggest achievement in 1994 World Cup runner-up. In contrast, Maldini’s career at the club would be much glory imposing, he put all 25 years of football life dedicated to AC Milan, played for the club this top 902 times, won seven Serie A titles , 5 Italian Super Cups, five European Cup titles, five European Super Cups, 2 Toyota Cup and 1 World Club Cup, the perfect interpretation of the mythical world of football single-mindedness of the red Black Love Song, he Bibaleixi more Washington Senator jerseys representative of the history of AC Milan.
Linebacker: • Fabio Cannavaro (Italy)
Cannavaro brave and tough style of play on the pitch can often extremely difficult to make some extraordinary defensive action, earned the applause of the fans and exclaimed, he is the team in the relative “Cao Ge”, but never not foolhardy Mangfu. 2006, after Italy won the World Cup as the team captain and soul, Cannavaro has reached the extreme of personal achievement, he won a Golden Globe for the year of European football, becoming the Franz Beckenbauer and Sa Merle after the third “golden ball back”, and was named FIFA World Player. Defensive players to get this award, even if the outlook is rare in football history. Italian actress Monica • Washington Capitals jerseys treasure Bellucci awarded the Golden Globe for his, and praised both handsome and cute he is sexy man.
Linebacker: Christopher • Metzelder (Germany)
In this position the arrangement will Metzelder controversial, many people will think that he should be selected than Nesta, but I still firmly believe that their own choices, partly because I have always been fond of the German star, On the other hand also because of the premature fall of the pain experience Metzelder long time not well attended. Metzelder is also a fact only once in ten days back, talented, Vancouver Canucks jerseys extraordinary qualifications, while both the tall, robust physique and a cool calm head. 2002 World Cup, it was his defense, and Kahn, jointly guarding, Miroslav Klose and Michael Ballack will be able to go to the cynical rattling in the goals. Unfortunately, and Matthias, as injuries to Metzelder’s football career is far too short. I always thought that if he had joined the giants Bayern Munich when the choice is not there, “defender black hole,” said Real Madrid, his football career will be more brilliant, more successful. Now Metzelder is still removed from the Bundesliga, but no longer have the courage back, and a look of the beard and the old image of handsome young male is a strong contrast, cause for regret. Metzelder level of talent and no doubt, but he is more like a meteor, though bright, but also Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys blowing flash disappearing.

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