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Trying On Serving Customers In Game “Make A Delicious Flatbread”

Today, there are many kinds of games on the internet: mind games, space games, gambling games, logic games, adventure games, trading games, sport games… Each game has its own features and its own ways to sastisfy players. People especially be absorbed in Trading games by the goals set up in each level. Trading games promote players’ ambition. it is full of tress as if players were at their own real business. There will be full states of mind in trading games such as: cheerful, disappointed or nervous to take care for trading activities as well as to race against time and try best to serve customers.
“Make a delicious Flatbread” in game group “ dress up games for girls ” is one example for trading games. This is a trading game that player would make delicious Flatbreads to serve as many as many customers as he can to achieve his goal.
This is some steps to make a delicious Flatbread: Firstly, player should grab the bread by dragging it onto the cutting boad; After that player should fill the bread with customer requested ingredients; Then, add on some sauce; next step is putting the sandwich into the microware; Finally, player should serve his customers with their ordered Flatbread.
On each day, player has his own goal, the exact profit that he must earn to continue trading on another day. At the end of each day, player will have a record about his profit, the number of customers served and the number of customers lost. Player also can upgrade his shop at the end of each day by buying more appliances for his shop. If he has made enough money to buy them and make his next day easier. he can buy another oven or you can buy a drink machine for his shop.
This game requires that player have good memory to remember ingredients of each customer. He should keep calm to remember who is the customer being served when shop is full of customer are waiting with many hungry faces. If he can not regain his self – possession, there would be many cases that he would miss – serve many customers with wrong ingredients ordered. Player should also think of how to use appliances in shop effectively. For example he should think of when and how to drag bread onto the cutting boad, put sandwiches into microwares, add ingerdients and get sandwiches out from microwares to serve as many as customers.
“Make a delicious Flatbread” as well as any trading games attracts people who like doing business or people who like setting goals and getting goals. It is also the game that forms the mind, gains patient and brings up ambitious.

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