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Top Travel Destinations; LA

One of the world’s top travel destinations is the Los Angeles area. You can explore downtown Los Angeles, or take a tour through Hollywood. There are more than 100 things to do LA. Orange County is a favorite abode of the rich and famous. One of the most fun things to do is to watch for celebrities. They can be spotted all around southern California.

In Hollywood you can find the Walk of Fame, featuring stars from all sorts of celebrities. This is one of the top things to do LA.

One of the top 100 things to do is to visit Universal Studios or other local theme parks. At Universal Studios the rides are inspired by pop culture, making it perfect for the Los Angeles area. delete

A helicopter ride can be used to view all of Southern California, including Sand Diego, Los Angeles, Newport Landing, and the Canary Islands, making it one of the most fun things to do. Other top visitation sites include the Hollywood sign, museums, the beach, and the local art scene. You can find many hotels within walking distance of such top 100 attractions and things to do LA.

Venice Beach is a favorite for it’s beach and relaxation from the urban areas of Los Angeles California.

Other great things to do LA include shopping, as Orange County features some of the best stores and malls nationwide. The stores include high fashion designer shops exclusive to California. Visiting the star-studded boutiques is on of the top things to do LA.

Los Angeles includes great opportunities for culture, like the Getty Center with outstanding top 100 art. delete delete There are also many opportunities for whale watching in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Lots of the beaches offer opportunities to go looking for blue whales or other marine life.

Other things to do LA include set tours of the many TV shows and movies filmed in Southern California. Warner Brothers and other studios will show you some of the top 100 sets. The La Jolla area around San Diego has beautiful homes and communities that can be visited. There are many great hotels that are close to things to do LA, including many of the 100 things that you must do before leaving Orange County. The Tar Pits are home to many great fossils that are excavated nearby, making it one of the top things to do LA. Visiting the Tar Pits is a fun things, and you have the change of viewing an excavation. Most people like to visit Southern California during the summer, but there are top things to do LA all year round.

Many families like visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, or seeing animals by going whale watching or visiting the beach. The zoo is open all year since it is situated in Orange County, and it has animals from all over the world, including the Canary Islands. delete The zoo has been open for many years and is one of the top 100 fun things to do in Los Angeles, California.

There are always great things to do LA. The nearby areas, like Long Beach, Canary Islands, Newport Landing, and San Diego offer so many things to do LA that you would find it hard to not do on of the top 100 fun things to do LA.


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