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They’ll have to cut this to bits for the US remake.

It’s not just the swearing, the blood and the nudity. It’s the unaffected emotion at its core. Annie’s abusive relationship with Owen continues after death, George emits pitiful shrieks of agony and terror as he transforms, and Mitchell’s attempts to shake off his bad-boy persona lead him to make a terrible mistake. Watch the final scene with Bernie and Fleur in Ep 4 and tell me you slept well. Watch the clumsy but affectionate sex between George and Nina and tell me you didn’t laugh like a drain. Mitchell’s last goodbye to his old girlfriend is a real tear jerker. Watching the hospital chaplain vomit with fright, you realise that’s how real people behave. And in between, they bicker just lie real flatmates. I’ve lived in houses where every flat surface contained a dirty cup.
being human season 3 dvd

OK, the werewolf is ridiculous. The hair’s wrong, the posture’s wrong, everything’s wrong. An accurate wolf would have been worse. George turns in to a skinny grey Alsatian and knocks over dustbins? Pffft.
being human season 1-3
I also think that at least some of the vampires could have worn pastels or tweed; the Reservoir Dogs/emo/gypsy look has been done to death. Tully’s pikey getup was spot on though.

Roll on Series 2, and the Creepy Psychiatrists.


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