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The way to end the friendship

This is no surprise, but his heart clearly in the past such cases, Xiong but resolute implementation of his principles as long as the door into the police station, but also off the dead layer of skin. This is not compliant, called kangaroo courts to take in the ancient, pandora jewellery now called to break the law, although this kind of thing is now commonplace, the public security system has become the practice, after all, is not out on the table can say. The above is certainly a normal eye, close one eye wide open, but now is not the case, the presence of party secretary and mayor, police chief of this matter may face trouble.
Director Zhang’s face is actually not just look good, Zhang Ming and now it is too uncomfortable, and now fans of this situation than his two ears even worse, their own men in their own eyes the police chief’s son following to break the law, their own where to put this face ah. See Xie Jun and Liu Tianming face straight, he also stood in the doorway to the anger of Xiong and roared still standing here Have you arrested people Not quick to take us into
In fact, yellow marine police station is now sitting in the reception room leisurely drinking Longjing, how can he not feel good.
Xiong Huang ocean to the police station will indeed be implemented after the Director Zhang principle two ears to the ground knocked the yellow sea. See the yellow eyes of ocean that eat people, he is angry. But he always used to lord it over the past, the people inside into the Bureau of the child which is not good words spoken, let alone just like the yellow ocean so wide open two silent people like to eat looked like staring at him.
He was seen was a little scared yellow ocean, play up a few ears is a mouthful of blood yellow sea, Yellow sea to see that look of contempt, he was prepared for the kinds of cruel ways to continue to interrogate the. Director Zhang also thanks to the phone too late, not only saved but also a disguised form of yellow sea rescue him.
Party people know about to pick yellow ocean, Xiong would like to have the heart to die. I thought, this may be the next big break the curse, do not know how fat come back to torment themselves, although he was just acting, but do something is fat-inspired, but he clearly fat virtue, while certainly of all sin have to carry yourself. Mind a few curse, and quickly opened the yellow sea of ​​handcuffs, welcome to the reception the yellow sea, and soak the Longjing personally apologize to the yellow sea, direct survey is now clear that, while it can go. Having rushed to the door of people waiting to party in this team.
A pedestrian to the reception room to see yellow on both sides of the ocean swollen face, each face has not the same mentality. He Fumin a naturally guilt, pandora beads Xie Jun and Liu Tianming is also a sense of embarrassment. Director Zhang Xiong reprimanded the meal will be their responsibility to clean, and then immediately apologize to the yellow sea.
Big brother, how do you Wei I thought you were not a Whining then suddenly flew Wei Huang marine arms holding his face and cried.
Xie Jun and Liu Tianming Ming Zhang was questioned a few words, asking him this must be severely punished, and never allowed to happen again after these things knowingly violate the law. Then he came to view yellow ocean injury and apologize.


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