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The way how MBT works in 2011

"I was created, shortly in that a direct face came, and comes on the Pope to provide body. Come very dangerous. New body mbt online although very perfect, but there are also too powerful firm emotion, will and desire. Before I totally conquer the new body, will all them with empty, just… feelings met rodriguez. He took advantage of me, no, is when the body of my natural weakness will produce a shake, so as to control the source of god. Later, I was lost, you are created by this. Because I was lost is still in incomplete state, so should have as much as you all to no feelings, I will have a bit of a relationship."

Verna slightly sad smile, way: "you of the power of understanding was green, but I still can’t uniform you, this is the difference between have emotions. In fact you I this as one, can saying is the light of angels different faces two tickets. But you don’t understand the god of the source, apparently didn’t know god bearing the memory of the source. You try mbt fanaka gtx very hard to protect rogge is the heir to the rodriguez, I think I should let you know, rodriguez was on us what."

Verna hand flick, large section of the memory as the continuous storm flooded into the consciousness of the romantic, deep, washed out her soul!

That is one of the black gas, HuangJinSheng groaning, flowing around a stalk and mucus, green purple skin, as well as Verna that a record torn blood the cries of the clouds!!!!!

And then the endless darkness……

Romantic eyes jump silver mans is shaky, in the air.

Instant between, Verna almost broke through the speed and time and limit, appear in front of the library.

Just her hand was still not upon the throat of the library, a white brightly fist in mbt lami his eyes not expand…

Verna helpless smashed into the lake, prompting a column in gold the wave. She then looking slightly from the lake water rushed out of sight, the light of volatile, obviously pretty beat the sudden a boxing absolute don’t light.

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