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The Process Of Tub Refinishing Springfield MA

Most people prefer resurfacing their old tubs to replacing them. People like bathtub refinishing because it is cheap and the process is completed after a short period. Resurfacing process commences by first removing an old top layer and then replacing it with a new one. Currently, types of tubs available in the market are; acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass and steel. You should inform the professional type of tub you have and also whether it has ever been resurfaced previously. If you choose to undertake resurfacing you are not only going to waste time, but also waste money. Indeed, it is worth seeking services from a professional for Tub refinishing Springfield MA.

Your confidence will be boosted, if you seek service from an expert you trust. Tubs are obviously located in buildings that accommodate other valuable items. This means that it is worthy hiring a trustworthy parson. There are different methods that can be applied in order to understand a service provider better. Consulting friends, relatives and coworkers is beneficial because they might be having important information about professional intending to hire. Online reviews may also help greatly.

There are a good number of companies within the city of Springfield, MA that offer resurfacing services to their clients. Although different companies use different techniques and different facilities during this process, procedure followed is actually the same. Procedure outlined below is mainly used by professionals during resurfacing process.

Resurfacing process commences by preparing the tub. Equipment to use during refinishing is identified. Solutions and other kinds of mixtures to be used are prepared. Etching is done to tubs whose surface layer is made of enamel and porcelain. On the other hand, bonding promoter is useful for tubs with surfaces made of acrylic or gel-coat. If etching solution is mixed improperly, it will not only perform unexpectedly, but also the safety of technicians is likely to be undermined.

During the next step, old coating is removed. Correct solutions should be used during this period so as to promote the quality of service. Smoothening of surface is then done, to make it possible for a new layer to adhere to it properly. Procedure ought to be done by an experienced professional in order to make ambitions achievable.

Pot holes and cracks present on bathtub are refilled in order to make the surface look smooth. By filling these cracks, bathtub does not only become smooth, but also becomes strong enough to provide the desired services. Just like in other steps, great skills ought to be applied in this case.

After pot holes and cracks are mended, application of primer commences. This step must be done professionally for better results. Multiple refinishing layers are then applied once primer is confirmed to have dried. Each refinishing layer is applied immediately it is confirmed that the previous one has dried.

Towards the end of refinishing, sealing coat is applied. Most companies recommend that a newly resurfaced bathtub can only be used after four days beginning from the day of resurfacing. A well resurfaced tub will serve for a period of not less than ten years.

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