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The next day an unprecedented

Lying in bed, six horses to himself, Bansu not sleep.
six horses sleep Lanjue, in fact, lying in bed for two hours, until the stomach a bit hungry, this up and get a point of eating breakfast, and sometimes there is no where to go, simply want the company to see look, just so he went to the company, is close to noon.
Xue and Xiaoman front desk greeted six horses do not talk to them in this chat, but rather a direct to the sales, saw six horses at the door, all of them a surprise about the things he went to Tianjin to pandora beads open early in the company to spread, but some say six horses in the snow with the Qin-wan dating scandal has also spread to the company, only six horses in this party do not know.
Ma Jing saw six horses when the eyes flash of surprise, even a hint of blushing face, and quickly bowed his head, and Li Wei and Wang Kun directly come together and laughed: “Six brother, I heard you do Qin total The bodyguard, you will not like we Qin hooked on it total, it may for you Oh, a few foot boat? ”
Six horses surprised, smiled and said: “Yan sister joke, right? Shares? My folks, never love to do business with a partner, friends touches do not mind.”
“So you want to reject me?” Yan sister is not surprised, smiles.
Six horses Momobizi, suddenly his face changed, and sneered: “Yan stole our sister bar in front of red Pursuit, now that it has to shares, there is no sincerity at all, who am I to give your face?”
Saber slightly forward half a step, half step forward immediately become tigers, saber saw some provocative look, grin.
Yan sister did not get angry, but the Tigers looked a like like suddenly found a baby, said: “you, the brothers seem to have some meaning, seems to Ba Ji Quan practice is it?”
Horse six heart slightly surprised, a light: “You ‘d better eyesight!”
“Said Wen Tai Chi tranquility, there octupole force moves, just a few days I practiced Ba Ji Quan, I’d like to enlighten me!” Saber suddenly said.
Yan sister smiled, Shuangshoubaoxiong, do not speak.
Tigers on the horse six: “brother, since he wanted to see what, I told him that learn about it!”


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