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The Importance of Your Golf clubs Being Custom Fitted

Since not every golfer possess the same ability and shape, you require a set of clubs customized to fit yours.

Having your golf clubs designed especially for you enhances your abilities and performance. Everything is set in relation to your unique playing style. Your bodyweight, build and also height will likely be taken into consideration and also other features, but most of all your style of swing will likely be analysed. The whole process was designed to give you the best possible design of clubs to match your unique style and capabilities.

What is really a Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting mainly is usually involving a thorough analysis of one’s swing, ball striking along with ability. Armed with this information, a pro golf shop can suggest the very best combination in order that you perform at your peak, or perhaps recommend alterations and adjustments for your existing clubs. The overall process may take no longer than thirty minutes.

What include the steps?

The process entails hitting balls, while being monitored by a computer. The outputs from computer are analysed by a professional after a warm up and ball hitting period. An indepth consultation follows, that cover matters like your present clubs for shaft lenght, swing weight, shaft fles and also loft and lie.

Full analysis in the ball flight while using latest technology. At this particular stage the full explanation of results are going to be given to you personally. The shop will then recommend the most effective combination of shafts, heads as well as grip for you.

Your clubs are then ordered and also a handover/testing session is completed to ensure you are satisfied with them.

Custom Fitting is perfect for every normal golfer, not just professionals – in reality, the amateur golfer will reap the most benefit through having custom fitted golf clubs. The price is comparatively low, and your clubs price little more than a normal, from the shelf set.

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