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The Best Type Of Web Hosting – Virtual Private Servers

If you’re planning to start a website or already have one, you probably already know that there are several types of web hosting solutions out there. Each with it’s own set of advantages and of course, it’s disadvantages.

The most popular type of web hosting is shared hosting, with it’s biggest advantage being it’s low price. Shared hosting involves sharing a dedicated server, with hundreds of other websites. The disadvantage with this is that your sharing the hard drive, processing power, ram, network connection and everything else, with everyone else on that server. If someone’s website starts using too many resources, everyone is affected because there is no isolation or automatic “limitation”. Regardless of this fact, shared web hosting is perfect for small and start-up websites.

Larger website need a more powerful solution – having a Dedicated Server solves this. Unlike Shared Web Hosting, a dedicated server allows you to have your website or websites on a single server, dedicated to only you. You don’t share it with anyone else, so you don’t have to worry about other people affecting your website’s performance or reliability. The only drawback is the price. – where dedicated Servers can cost hundreds of dollars monthly to maintain.

However, right in the middle of these two types of web hosting solutions – there’s Virtual Private Servers. Far less expensive than Dedicated Servers, but with all of the advantages they provide. Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS, offer more freedom, isolation and dedicated resources for your website. A VPS is simple a virtual portion of a dedicated server, with all the advantages of one – without the actual cost of it. With a VPS, you can expect better performance and reliability than you would of a Shared Host, at prices compared to “High-End” Shared Web Hosting.
A Virtual Private Server is ideal for medium and large websites, but even small websites can take advantage of the freedom, performance and reliability a VPS can provide.

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