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tell you save money in wow

If you’re the type of person who has what I call “game ADHD” and is constantly buying a new game http://www.only4wowgold.com wow gold every two weeks then its time you look at playing globe of Warcraft to save your do it yourself money. I listen to a lot of people complain about paying $15 a 30 days to perform a game but they are the same gamers that on average would otherwise be buying a new game every month, let’s begin looking at the numbers.

If you played globe of Warcraft for the last 4 years.

Monthly Subscriptions: 48 weeks * $14.99/mo equals $719.52
World of Warcraft initial purchase: $50
Burning Crusade initial Purchase: $50
Wrath of the Lich King initial Purchase: $50
Cataclysm initial Purchase: $50

Total Gaming expenses for last 4 years: $919.52

WOW! That’s more than 800 dollars just to perform a game for the last 4 years but let’s begin looking at the hardcore ADHD gamer, the average ADHD gamer, the casual gamer for comparison, as well as the “I’m bad like Kenny penny gamer”.

These figures won’t take into concern that consoles and systems change more than a 4 yr period and many gamers want to individual new systems or even a complete lot more than one that will add a substantial quantity of money to these approximated costs. These figures assume you already individual the gaming platform you’re playing on and will preserve playing on it for the subsequent 4 years.

The Casual Gamer

Let’s say the casual gamer buys a new movie game every 3 weeks for the last 4 years. That’s a total of 16 games in a 4 yr span, which can be pretty common.

16 games * $50 a new game equals $800

Congratulations you invested $119 dollars much less than you would have playing globe of Warcraft and invested 4 years playing 16 games by your do it yourself in most cases.

The average ADHD Gamer

These guys will purchase a new game once a 30 days and most of the time not even open the situation or only perform it for just about any few hours. That’s 48 games in 4 years.

48 games * $50 a game equals $2400

Didn’t realize you have been investing that much do you? inform your children their college education or holiday money went into your gaming habits.

The “I’m bad like Kenny gamer”

This group will be the guys who are stuck playing games that other people haven’t even noticed of or tried and they make an effort to inform you about them like they are cool. stuff like, Cyber Ninja Turtles, Bob’s Monster Truck Smash, or Freddie’s Bass Fishing. These games are what I call clearance shelf games (CSG’s) and therefore are normally purchased through the penny pinching gamer who buys an average of 1 of those games every two weeks, that’s 24 games a yr (simply speaking).

96 games * $10 a game equals $960

Good job bad gamers, you invested a complete lot more money than you would have playing globe of Warcraft or getting a casual gamer and you also didn’t even get decent excellent games.

The Hardcore ADHD Gamer

This group is your buddy who always has the new consoles, buys a new game once a week, probably doesn’t even open it but tells you about it, after which subsequent month he’s buying a new game again. this is in which most of the money is created in the gaming industry. We’ll exclude each of the new consoles and components these guys purchase and just calculate their gaming expenditure which arrives to a whopping 48 new games a year.

192 games * $50 a game equals $9600

And you wonder why you don’t individual a car? You spend a complete lot more money in a yr than a lot of people make even though you can have saved your do it yourself a lot of money playing globe of Warcraft.

Other methods you save

You have a tendency to go much less locations which means you save money on gas and miscellaneous purchases. rather than going out to events you socialize over the internet jointly with your close friends undertaking something you already compensated for (no a complete lot more pricey trips to the movies).

Why people don’t do it

People can’t stand the believed of playing a game for 4 years, it should get uninteresting right? But should you begin looking at Some of the changes to globe of Warcraft you can Free Online Games see the game is not the same game that was launched 4 years ago. And because its an MMORPG, you by no suggests run away from stuff to undertake and there’s always new expansions / composed content released. Like Everquest, you can perform this game permanently and not get bored, unless you’re a uninteresting person.

On top of all of the savings, you can also make money by getting knowledge in globe of Warcraft. Saving and making money from a game, sounds like a deal to me.
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