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Teach With Bible Story Videos

If you are LDS, you may have heard about Living Scriptures before. Living Scriptures are mormon bible story videos. Living Scriptures offers a lot of different products that are suitable for all ages. If you flip on your TV and look through the TV channels, you may have a hard time finding material for your family to watch. TV now days has so much filth and garbage, it is shallow and there is a lot of programming on TV that you do not want your children exposed to. Living Scriptures are a perfect alternative to TV. Living Scriptures is made possible by famous writer Orson Scott Card and his team of artists and writers. Orson Scott Card does an excellent job of bringing the gospel to life.

Living Scriptures offers many different products. The Living Scriptures videos include bible story videos, animated stories, hero classics, modern and ancient prophet videos, Old & New Testament Videos, and Book of Mormon Videos. There is no better way then to learn the scriptures by watching the videos. Living Scriptures is a great aid to your family scripture study. A great way to conduct scripture study is to read the story from the scriptures then watch the coordinating video that goes along with the scriptures.

Living Scriptures are great for all ages. They most known for children, but parents will love and enjoy them as well. Living Scriptures are very uplifting and will brighten your mood. It feels great to be able to be entertained and to learn at the same time. Living Scriptures teaches morals and life lessons. Lessons that you will want your family to learn.

Living Scriptures not only offers animated videos, but they also offer other products as well. Living Scriptures offers CD’s and activity books. Living Scriptures CD’s are a great way to learn on the go. They are great when driving in the car or when on vacation when you do not have access to a TV. Living Scriptures activity books are also great for on the go or to bring to church for your children. Living Scriptures activity books are filled with fun games, activities, and coloring that incorporates the scriptures into them.

Living Scriptures videos are great for church lessons and primary. Primary teachers love Living Scriptures! They are very beneficial for teachers to help convey their message and to help children to remain engaged in the lesson. Living Scriptures are also great for Sunday school lessons. A lot of Sunday school lessons are specially scripture stories, so what better way is there to teach the scriptures then with Living Scriptures videos. Another way to use Living Scriptures is for your Family Home Evening. Since Living Scriptures are great for the whole family, why not spend a Monday Night be entertained and educated.

Living Scriptures are very popular among the LDS book industry. You can find Living Scriptures at Deseret Book and also from the Living Scriptures website. Living Scriptures are very affordable. You can set up payment plans with Living Scriptures to ensure you can afford the videos you want. Once you and your family view Living Scriptures you will see why everyone loves them. Living Scriptures lives up to the expectations and will not let your family down.


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